More than 2 doses of hashish seized in an Operation Stop in Portimão

The GNR arrested a 36-year-old man for drug trafficking, after discovering more than 2 […]

???????????????????????????????The GNR arrested a 36-year-old man for drug trafficking after discovering more than 2 individual doses of hash pollen in his car on Wednesday night.

The man will have tried to get rid of a small amount of drug that he was carrying with him, when he went through a road inspection operation, known as Operation Stop, on EN 125, in Portimão, an attitude that led the military to carry out a thorough search of his car. and finding several plates of that narcotic product.

Seeing the man trying to get rid of "a small object", the GNR military went to see what it was and discovered what they assumed was a drug. After the search they carried out, they found, hidden in the car, «enough hash pollen for 2043 individual doses, and two mobile phones were also seized».

The detainee, resident in the municipality of Portimão, was present at the Department of Investigation and Criminal Action of the Public Ministry of Portimão to apply any coercive measures.