Loulé opens Skate Park to boost extreme sports in the county

Loulé has a new skate park and a new association since last Saturday. The new Skate Parque de Loulé […]

Inauguration of Skate Parque de Loulé - CMLoule - Mira (4)Loulé has a new skate park and a new association since last Saturday. The new Skate Parque de Loulé is located in the municipal park and responds to the old aspirations of extreme sports practitioners in the municipality.

Moreover, many young people who practice this type of sport were present at the inauguration of the municipal facility, on the 25th of April. A purposely chosen day since, considered the mayor of Loulé Vítor Aleixo, "this space well symbolizes the spirit of April" and was "an old dream of young people who never gave up dreaming."

«Located on a plot to the north adjacent to the Park, between the Park and Circular, where the Santa Luzia District was once located, the equipment is installed on a plot measuring 18 million square meters and includes a semicircular skate park with three radial exit platforms that fit into the existing slopes and a bowl. It was designed by Francisco Lopez, an architect who is also a skater», revealed the Câmara de Loulé. The investment made by the municipality was around 130 thousand euros.

Despite having the name Skate Parque, the new equipment launched by the Câmara de Loulé is also intended for skaters and BMX practitioners, who until now used, as a general rule, Cerca do Convento to practice.

Inauguration of Skate Parque de Loulé - CMLoule - Mira (1)«This is the first of other equipment that will appear in this area of ​​the Park, namely a street workout park, which was the winning proposal of the parish of S. Clemente in the first edition of the Participatory Budget of the Municipality of Loulé, and a space open to the practice of informal sport», added the municipality.

Also on Saturday, the new radical sports section of the Casa da Cultura de Loulé, the Impacto Radical Sports Club, was formally launched. This project was born from an initial idea of ​​Paulo Cabral and went through the creation of a skateboarding school, which will have as its main objective «to encourage and encourage the practice of this type of extreme sport».

«Skating goes beyond the sporting issue, not restricting itself only to that fact. Due to its multidisciplinary characteristics, it becomes a cultural event in its own right, involving other artistic areas, such as music and visual arts. This is how we intend to develop, together with the sporting and cultural community, the practice of skateboarding by making known its history, promoting good healthy practices and instilling team spirit and mutual help with our athletes. Basically, we want to give Skate the true recognition it deserves», illustrates the Casa da Cultura de Loulé.