Turismo de Portugal shows openness to support RTA's marketing plan

The Algarve Tourism Region's new multi-year strategic marketing plan, presented this week, is in line with […]

tp2 (2)The new multi-year strategic marketing plan for the Algarve Tourism Region, presented this week, is in line with the expectations of Turismo de Portugal and could benefit from funds managed by Turismo de Portugal.

The guarantee was given by the president of RTA Desidério Silva, after a meeting he held this Thursday with the president of Turismo de Portugal João Cotrim Figueiredo to discuss the financing of the plan, to be in force between 2015 and 2018, which was attended by members of the executive committee and the marketing board of RTA, the direction of the Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA) and the main entities in the sector.

According to RTA, the president of Turismo de Portugal «responded with complete openness» to the appeals, which left Desidério Silva «visibly satisfied with the outcome of the meeting». The document, says Desidério Silva, "reveals a consensual vision of the region and embraces the regional vision of the national strategy."

If integrated national promotion projects can increase the Algarve as long as they are aligned with the country's strategy, then the strategic marketing plan is the main engine to guarantee this leverage and this access to the much-needed reduction of funds», concluded Desidério Silva.

At the meeting, the responsible for Tourism of the Algarve once again recalled that in order to «reinforce the reputation of the destination and external promotion», «access to the necessary funding» is essential.

The need for more funds for tourism promotion and greater investment in the region, in general, had already been claimed by Desidério Silva, during the presentation of the strategic marketing plan. At yesterday's meeting, he once again emphasized that the sector's growth figures in the region, which he considers "guarantee that the Algarve's tourism is a strong driver of the national economy."

Even so, Desidério Silva makes it clear that these indicators "are not a point of arrival, but rather a starting point for the sector, which is intended to continue to grow, as all investment in the Algarve's tourism certainly generates a return"