PSD deputies want more support for Algarve Tourism

"Specific support is needed for the Algarve's Tourism", said the Algarve deputy of the PSD Bruno Inácio, during a hearing […]

Assembly of the Republic«Specific support is needed for the Algarve's Tourism» said the Algarve deputy of the PSD Bruno Inácio, during a hearing held at the Assembly of the Republic, with João Cotrim de Figueiredo, president of Turismo de Portugal.

In the hearing promoted by the Tourism working group of the Economy and Public Works Commission, the president of the TdP was asked about several matters concerning Algarve Tourism by deputy Bruno Inácio, and the parliamentarian asked for more support for the sector in the region.

The questions raised were premised on the fact that the Algarve represents more than 32% of the sector's revenues at national level, having broken all records in 2014, surpassing 16 million overnight stays.

The parliamentarian posed questions related to the capture of new routes for the region, and the director of Turismo de Portugal informed that, in 2014, of the 12 new routes conquered for the country, half operate in the Algarve and that the goal for 2015 is to obtain 15 new routes, with an equally substantial part of this amount to be directed to the region.

The potential of cruise tourism in Portimão was also addressed, as a result of the valorization investments that will be carried out in the port, with João Cotrim de Figueiredo saying that it is necessary to work more to obtain cruises that do not just stopover, but that are of initial departure or final arrival, as studies indicate that these are the ones that bring more economic return to cities.

Among other matters, Bruno Inácio also defended that more funds be allocated to the region for the implementation of the Strategic Marketing Plan for Algarve Tourism, as well as for the development of the destination.

On the occasion, the congressman had the opportunity to praise the work done by the sector in achieving such good results. "It is a collective effort that involves national and regional tourism entities, businessmen, sector workers and all those who welcome our visitors."

The president of Turismo de Portugal also stated that he expects a good tourist year in 2015, and the greater the growth, the more difficult it will be to maintain the latest levels of growth.