Odiana takes Baixo Guadiana to the international Active Tourism fair in the Netherlands

The Odiana Association is going to the Netherlands to promote active tourism, with a focus on trekking and […]

nature tourismA Odian Association goes to the Netherlands to promote active tourism, focusing on trekking and the biking. As the Netherlands is one of the main markets for nature tourism travel, Odiana takes the Lower Guadiana to the International Fair «Fiets en Wandelbeurs» this weekend, January 31st and February 1st.

It is the first time that the Odiana Association travels to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands, to participate in what is one of the biggest fairs in Europe for Active Tourism.

The international fair «Fiets en Wandelbeurs» takes place next weekend and is considered one of the most influential European fairs in products of trekking e biking, being the most complete fair in the Benelux for leisure cyclists and walkers.

According to the association, «going to this fair aims to increase the notoriety of the “Baixo Guadiana” destination and prove that this territory has vast potential and immense natural secrets just waiting to be explored».

The objective is «not to focus solely on the sun and beach binomial, but rather on inland tourism, quality tourism, integrated and sustainable tourism that aims to break down the seasonal barrier and highlight a region of tourist excellence betting on hiking, cycling/MTB and in ornithology, which in recent years has gained great expression in the territory and in which Odiana has already edited an ornithological guide and allusive itineraries».

Countries such as Germany and the Netherlands are the main source markets for Nature Tourism trips, accounting, together, for 45% of the total nature trips carried out by Europeans.

Odiana has implemented a network of 135 kilometers of short route walking routes, a Great Route of the Guadiana (GR15) about to be inaugurated and which will connect the interior to the coast on foot, as well as the Ecovia do Algarve and the Via Algarviana.

The participation of Associação Odiana in this international event takes place as a member of Associação Turismo do Algarve (ATA), therefore having a specific counter at the Algarve Region stand for publicity purposes.