Estela do Guerreiro was chosen for the “Young Scenographers Contest”

EuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE), which is promoting the “Young Scenographers Contest”, entitled “One Object – Many Visions […]

stele of the vault mesaabcEuroVision: Museums Exhibiting Europe (EMEE), which is promoting the “Young Scenographers Contest”, entitled “One Object – Many Visions – EuroVisions”, chose the stele with writing from the southwest of the Vault as one of the pieces to work in the scope of this contest.

EMEE is a project for the development of national and regional museums in Europe, financed by the Culture Program of the European Commission. It aims to create innovative and interdisciplinary approaches for museums to reinterpret their objects in the context of European history.

O "Young Scenographers Contest" is an international interdisciplinary design competition with the aim of engaging young designers to create innovative and creative ideas.

It intends to conceive new ideas and develop different concepts to exhibit museum objects, either through new means of presentation or new scenographic frameworks, thus creating different approaches and allowing the enjoyment of these archaeological assets, in a multidisciplinary and stimulating perspective for future generations and still giving it a collective European memory.

Twenty-two objects were chosen by the eight participating European institutions. Four pieces were chosen from the National Archeology Museum (national representative), one of which is the stele with writing from the southwest of the Vault, along with a bell-shaped vase, a lucerne of terra sigillata and a candlestick.

O Estela Project is one of the partners of the National Museum of Archeology, following the collaboration initiated during the European Heritage Days.

Registration to participate in the competition ends on November 28, but for more information on how to participate, the prizes, the dates for submission of proposals, among other information, you can visit the website of the Young Scenographers Contest.

According to Estela Project, the Stele of the Vault, found in agricultural works in 1972 near Aldeia dos Fernandes, Almodôvar, and nicknamed “Estela do Guerreiro”, precisely because it represents at the center of the inscription with writing from the Southwest a human figure interpreted as a warrior, always « it aroused, at the peninsular level, since then and until today, an enormous interest in the exceptionality of the association between writing and human representation».

However, the location of the discovery was only the subject of a brief record, with preliminary news made by Manuela Alves Dias and Luis Coelho, without having been properly intervened.

Thus, to «scientifically clarify the context of this archaeological site (chronology, type of structures, documenting funerary rituals, etc.)», but «also to collect data to be able to tell the MESA [Southwest Writing Museum in Almodôvar] visitor , the story behind that figure called the “warrior” who is today the symbol of this museum nucleus», the Estela Project promoted archaeological campaigns in 2010 and 2011, in the Iron Age necropolis of the Vault.