And, 20 years later, the requalification works of Quatro Águas de Tavira began

It took about 20 years, but the requalification work of Quatro Águas, in Tavira and the road that […]

Signing of the Consignment for the rehabilitation work of Quatro ÁguasIt took about 20 years, but the requalification work of Quatro Águas, in Tavira and of the road that gives access to it, «has already started».

The intervention has an expected execution period of one year, but the president of the Sociedade Polis Ria Formosa Sebastião Teixeira wants to see it already well advanced, in June, in order to interfere as little as possible with the huge flow of tourists and residents that uses that area to access the island of Tavira.

The work was awarded yesterday by Polis Ria Formosa, in a ceremony that took place in the Câmara de Tavira. Between the promoter and the City Council, there was a unanimous view that this is an intervention that "will be good for everyone", as it will not only improve access to Quatro Águas, but also requalify the area next to the departure pier for the Ilha de Tavira and recover the banks and slopes, at risk of collapsing.

«The idea of ​​this work is to reorganize, restore dignity to the space and mitigate risks for people and goods. I think it's a work that everyone will enjoy and I hope the contractor will collaborate, so that it doesn't cause too much entropy during the bathing season», said Sebastião Teixeira, on the sidelines of the consignment of the work.

As explained by landscape architect Gonçalo Gomes, from the Polis Ria Formosa team, this work will focus on road access, from the curve of the Factory, improving the car circulation area and creating a new pedestrian and cycling lane with shaded rest areas . At the same time, it will refurbish the area of ​​restaurants and kiosks, until now marked by untidy parking, as well as the slopes and banks, which will undergo intervention in order to "stop erosion", while providing the population with "the direct contact with Ria Formosa».

Another major objective of the work is to organize parking, which has been done without rules, in whatever space was available over the years. Thus, “a considerable number of places” will be lost, although the park continues to exist next to the Clube Náutico and a land that is outside the scope of the intervention remains dedicated to this end.

4 waters_3On the other hand, an area dedicated to public transport and another for loading and unloading will be created, with a square that will allow all types of vehicles to access Quatro Águas and get around in a comfortable way. On the other hand, the creation of a pedestrian and cycling lane will allow for safer circulation, for those who choose to go on foot or in a non-motorized vehicle.

A new parking area will also be created at the site which, one day, will welcome the new Fishing Port of Tavira, between the Fábrica curve and the Ponte dos Descobrimentos. The Porto project was "placed in the drawer by the Government", according to the mayor of Tavira Jorge Botelho, but the municipality does not lose hope of seeing it go forward, as it is part of a global plan for the redevelopment of the riverfront that it conceived. .

That still doesn't prevent it from being used, however. «We have already obtained authorization from the Portuguese Environment Agency to clear the land for this purpose. It will be a new parking allowance, which will allow the service of Baixa de Tavira and Quatro Águas», revealed Jorge Botelho.

«Today, we gained 20 years, which is how long this work has been talked about. This intervention will certainly bring us many joys and allow the city to grow», considered the mayor of Tavir.


Quatro Águas is already there, the piers and the Fishing Port are missing

Quatro Águas Tavira PierAlthough this work is considered a great advance, some pieces are still missing from the strategy of requalification of the Ribeirinha de Tavira front. One of them is even closely related to the work assigned yesterday, since the contract does not include the redevelopment of the pier itself, namely the piers, neither in Quatro Águas nor on Ilha de Tavira.

This work, both Sebastião Teixeira and Jorge Botelho clarify, will have to be launched by Docapesca, which is the entity with jurisdiction in this area. As a matter of fact, the question of jurisdiction was always a problem when it came to requalifying the Quatro Águas. “Why do you think nothing has been done in 20 years?”, asked Jorge Botelho.

In his presentation of the work, Gonçalo Gomes explained that the process was time-consuming and complicated, as there was a need to «sit down many entities at the same table and obtain many permits». But in the end, a consensus was reached, for the sake of the dignity of the area “and the environment”.

«We did not want to combine the process of the piers with this work, in order not to make it unfeasible. However, and after a period in which no one quite knew who was responsible for the wharves, it was concluded that it was Docapesca. I already had a meeting with its president, about three months ago, when this subject was discussed», revealed Jorge Botelho.

The Câmara de Tavira is the main national funder of this project, with a 70 percent contribution from the European Union. The Tavirense autarchy enters with 20 percent of the total and the State enters with the remaining 10 percent. The work was consigned to the company Vibeiras.

This is the second project to advance in Tavira, within the scope of Polis, after the Marginal de Cabanas, which has already been completed. Until the end of 2015, the deadline for carrying out the works, if you want to have community support, will be launched the work of requalification of the walk between Pedras d'el Rei and Santa Luzia, which only awaits the green light from the Court of Auditors, the that should happen “within two months, if all goes well”, according to Sebastião Teixeira.