Mendes Bota wins international award for combating human trafficking

Deputy Mendes Bota received the “Scandinavian Human Dignity Award 2014” for his “efforts to combat human trafficking […]

mendes bootMr Mendes Bota received the “Scandinavian Human Dignity Award 2014” for his “efforts to combat human trafficking in Europe”. The award was presented this Tuesday afternoon, at the European Parliament, by the president of Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers Ruth Nordstrom.

The prize consisted of a significant original sculptural work of modern-day slavery and an allusive diploma.

Scandinavian Human Rights Lawyers is a Non-Governmental Organization dedicated to the promotion and protection of Human Rights and human dignity in Scandinavia and Europe, implementing an effective advocacy, networking and education strategy in legal matters.

The Scandinavian Human Dignity Award is awarded annually to a person or organization that has made a special contribution to Human Rights, all of which derive from the inherent dignity of human beings and which are essential to their free and complete development.

According to a statement from Mendes Bota's office, “this award is decided by a Committee, composed of eminent personalities linked to Law and University Education, which defends the inalienability of Human Rights for all people, meets in the capitals of the Scandinavian countries, and publishes works on thematic issues».

In the seminar that followed, dedicated to the theme of Trafficking in Human Beings, Mendes Bota explained the content and proposals contained in his report under the theme “Prostitution, trafficking and modern slavery in Europe”, approved at the APCE plenary in April this year, and in which he worked for a year and a half, and which was at the heart of that organization's decision on Human Rights.