PHOTOGALERIA: Accidented aircraft has already been removed from the seabed and awaits investigations

O Sul Informação it was the only communication organ – national or regional – that this afternoon followed, in full, […]

O Sul Informação it was the only media – national or regional – that this afternoon followed, in its entirety, the arrival at Porto da Baleeira, in Sagres, of the wreckage of the Cessna 152 plane, which, on Friday, crashed into the sea and today was taken from the depths. The pilot of the Aero Clube de Portimão plane remains to be found, assuming he is dead.

The plane, which on Sunday was discovered by side-scan sonars two miles south of Sagres at a depth of about 30 meters, was set afloat at 17:30 pm and was then carefully towed to Baleeira by the rescuer. -lives «Diligent».

Then, at 18:30 pm, the plane's wreckage was placed on the dock near Docapesca by a crane from the Maritime Authority, where they were awaited by investigators from the Aircraft Accident Prevention and Investigation Office (GPIAA) and the insurance company, as well as by the owner of the aircraft.

The photos show the various stages of towing the aircraft, the moment it is hoisted to the dock in Sagres, the investigators' first inspections, the state of destruction, the public watching the operations, and loading the wreckage with a crane, to a truck from the Vila do Bispo Council, which took them to the Portimão Aerodrome, from where they will continue to Viseu, where they will be subject to further investigation. One of the photos also shows a jacket and headphones that are presumed to belong to the ill-fated pilot.

The details of what happened today and the investigations that will follow can be read exclusively here.

Photos of: Armindo Vicente /Sul Informação