Jewelery student from Faro wins the «PortoJóia Design 2014» award

Manuela Campos Xavier, from Faro, won the «PortoJóia Design» award, an event dedicated to students from jewelery schools all over […]

PI Manuela Xavier Cufflinks -Silver and Copper-DR PortoJóiaManuela Campos Xavier, from Faro, won the “PortoJóia Design” award, an event dedicated to students from jewelery schools across the country and in Galicia, held annually at Exponor, in Matosinhos, Porto.

The young woman is a student at the “Pontos Iguais” jewelery school, which operates in downtown Faro for 14 months and trained 12 students in the past school year.

The work that earned him 1st place in the «PortoJóia Design 2014» award was a set for men's use, consisting of bow and cufflinks in silver and copper, using the «Marriage of Metals» technique.

This event aims to «distinguish, through innovation and design, personal and decorative jewelery and jewelery pieces, which are original and presented for the first time to the public». The theme of the 2014 edition, the 25th of the event, was «Silver Anniversary».

PI Manuela Xavier -Laço Prata and Cobre-DR PortoJóiaThe young jeweler will also contribute with a work for the Restricted Body event, which the Foyer of Teatro das Figuras will host next Friday. This is an exhibition of contemporary designer jewelry, promoted by Filomeno Pereira, a master jeweler who is also the founder of «Pontos Iguais».

The work of the twelve students who received training in this jewelry school from Faro in 2013/14, including that of Manuela Xavier, had already been shown in an exhibition that took place in July.