Tour operators and journalists will discover the secrets of Monchique

The best that the municipality of Monchique has to offer will be made known to travel agents, operators […]

The best that the municipality of Monchique has to offer will be made known to travel agents, tour operators and journalists from the region, in a “Fam Trip” (familiarization trip) that the Algarve Tourism Region will promote on Thursday , throughout the day, that county in the interior.

The guests will be led by Monchique «to peek around the county as if they were tourists, with a camera at the ready and walking shoes, in an active day-long program included in the project “Rediscovering the Secrets of the Algarve”».

Monchique is the third municipality in the interior that is made known within the scope of this project, after Alcoutim and São Brás de Alportel.

The «Rediscovering the Secrets of the Algarve» bets on «providing new emotions to the guests through tours through the Algarve less talked about or known by visitors». In the case of Monchique, it will be made known what the county has “to reveal beyond the famous Caldas”.

As usual in this type of events, the program is secret, so that the impact is greater among the participants. “After all, this is the objective of the initiative: to take the trade and journalists towards the most unknown offer in the region, even keeping the plan of the visit secret”, illustrated the RTA.

«Once again, we launched the challenge to tourism and media professionals to make contact with the Algarve that escapes the usual tourist routes. The adhesion to the fam trips has been very good and has resulted in a deeper knowledge of the offer by the participants who, later on, will help to 'sell' the destination», said the president of RTA Desidério Silva.

The 3rd edition of «Rediscovering the Secrets of the Algarve» is the result of a partnership between RTA, the Municipality of Monchique and the Regional Directorate of Culture of the Algarve.