Closing schools "is a crime against populations", says the PCP/Algarve

The Board of the Regional Organization of the Algarve (Doral) of the PCP considers the closure of schools in the Algarve, which the Government […]

The Direction of the Regional Organization of the Algarve (Doral) of the PCP considers the closure of schools in the Algarve, which the Government equates, “a crime against the populations”. The communists defend that these will be “blind cuts”, which are not justified in terms of teaching or improving the quality of education.

The PCP/Algarve «will develop in the next few days contact actions with teachers, employees, parents and guardians of the threatened schools, including, next Monday, a visit by Paulo Sá, PCP deputy in the Assembly of the Republic, to a school in the municipality of Loulé».

Behind these initiatives is the announcement made by the Government that it «intends to continue the closure process of more schools in the 1st cycle of basic education, namely schools with less than 21 students, being referenced in the Algarve, among others, schools basics of Odeleite – Castro Marim; Ancão - Faro; Fonte Santa, Cortelha and Querença Loulé; Marmelete – Monchique; Salema – Vila do Bispo».

«With this decision, the Government of Passos Coelho and Paulo Portas will continue to contribute to desert even more vast areas of the country, removing children from their natural environment, breaking family ties of great importance for their emotional balance, forcing changes in hours and unnecessary travel, not respecting the Educational Charters approved by the municipal bodies and ratified by the Government», they accused.

The reasons given, say the communists, "are supported by arguments that have no pedagogical support or that improve the quality of education."

"In this economic vision of the school network, what counts for the Government are the numbers, not bearing in mind the development of children, territorial cohesion, jobs in the sector, nor concerns about the possible depopulation of communities", believes the PCP.

«The PCP draws attention to the fact that this measure of closing schools in the region and in the Algarve will affect populations that have already lost the parish council, the post office, the social security desk, the health extension in recent years and under which weighs the threat of closure of courts, tax offices and other public services," he adds.

An “unsustainable” situation, which the communists claim to be “clearly violating the Constitution of the Republic and which deserves repudiation and combat by workers and populations”.