Algarvio Carlos Rosado wins the Portuguese BMX Cup

The national BMX champion Carlos Rosado (Clube Bicross de Portimão) won the Portuguese Cup this Sunday, being […]

The national champion of BMX Carlos Rosado (Clube Bicross de Portimão) was crowned this Sunday the winner of the Cup of Portugal, being enshrined in the track of Forninho, Poceirão.

The victory of the team runner from Portimonense came from a demonstration of class in the last two scoring races, played on Saturday and Sunday.

In both cases, Carlos Rosado was the strongest, sealing with a flourish a season in which he has shown great superority in the elite category.

Adrian Moldovan (Núcleo Bicross de Setúbal) won the Portuguese Cup in the men's category over 17 years old, although in the last two stages of the trophy he only triumphed on Sunday. The day before, the best was Hugo Ferreira (BMX School Forninho/Monte Maneta).

Tiago Duarte (Clube Bicross de Portimão) prevailed in the cruisers overall, in a tight fight with Paulo Domingues, with the two cyclists finishing the Cup separated by just one point.

Balance was also the dominant note in cadets. Yuri Capetini (Club Bicross de Portimão) got the better of the final results of the trophy, but was left with teammate André Duarte “biting his heels”, with three points less.

The collective Portugal Cup will also enrich the showcases of Clube Bicross de Portimão.