Quercus attributes "Golden Quality" to 97 Algarve beaches

Nearly one hundred Algarve beaches were recognized by Quercus as having Golden Quality in 2014. The municipality of Albufeira […]

Nearly one hundred Algarve beaches were recognized by Quercus as having Golden Quality in 2014. The municipality of Albufeira is the national record holder with 19 awarded beaches, and Vila do Bispo also reached the podium, in this case as the third municipality with more Golden Quality beaches, 12 in all.

The list of 355 beaches across the country that deserve to be highlighted by the positive nature of the environmental association, due to the good quality of their waters, was announced this Saturday, one day before the official start of the season, June 1st.

In 2014, Quercus identified 19 more beaches with gold quality than the previous year, among the 544 official bathing areas in Portugal. Between 2013 and 2014, there were 43 new bathing waters to be classified as gold quality, while 24 lost this classification. Among the 355 awarded, 28 are inland beaches, that is, 8 more than in 2013.

To receive this gold quality beach rating, the bathing water must meet several criteria. From the outset, it must have “good water quality in the 2009 bathing season (the best possible quality at the time, according to previous European legislation) and excellent in the last four bathing seasons (from 2010 to 2013).

“All analyzes carried out in the last bathing season (2013) must have presented better results than the values ​​defined for the 95th percentile of Annex I of the Bathing Water Directive; that is, for coastal and transitional waters, all analyzes must present values ​​less than 100 cfu/100 ml for intestinal Enterococci and less than 250 cfu/100 ml for Escherichia coli, and for inland waters, 200 cfu/100 ml and 500 cfu/100 ml, respectively,” added Quercus.

«This assessment, carried out by Quercus, and which does not involve any application process, is more limited compared to the multiple criteria for awarding the Blue Flag, as it is based only on the quality of the water on the beaches. However, it ends up being more demanding in this specific aspect, in addition to including all bathing waters», adds the association.

With the attribution of the award «Golden Quality Beach», Quercus intends to «highlight the beaches that, over several years (five, in this case), systematically present bathing water of good quality or excellent quality (taking into account the classification of the legislation in force), and which, in this sense, offer greater reliability with regard to water quality'.

As in previous years, Quercus has once again made available to the 93 municipalities with distinguished bathing areas the Official Flag of Beaches with Golden Quality 2014, which can be displayed by local authorities at the entrance to the awarded beaches.


Listing Ouro Quercus Beaches 2014 in PDF