Polis to upgrade the marginal between Santa Luzia and Pedras d'el Rei

A bike path, more parking and walking and leisure areas will be created on the coastal road that connects the town […]

A bike path, more parking and walking and leisure areas will be created on the coastal road that connects the town of Santa Luzia to the Pedras d'el Rei development and Praia do Barril. The Polis Ria Formosa Society has already launched the public tender for the contract for the “Landscape Requalification of the Marginal between Pedras d'el Rei and Santa Luzia”, in Tavira, a project that should cost around 600 thousand euros.

With this intervention, the intention is to organize the space adjacent to the lagoon area, along the Santa Luzia coastline, «a place with great use in the summer, by residents and visitors, national and foreign, which is currently characterized by disorganized use, whose pressure generates conflicts of use», which interfere with the Ria Formosa.

Next to the Pedras d'el Rei development, the area from which you access Praia do Barril, «it is proposed to build a small square, with some equipment to support the stay and access to the embarkation pier, which will allow the entry of emergency and maintenance vehicles'.

“Along the sidewalk, a transverse profile with a road axis is proposed, followed by car parking, equipped with tree boilers for shading, and a strip for installing urban furniture and shrub hedges. Adjacent to this lane, a bicycle path is proposed and, next to the existing slope, a paved pedestrian area is proposed, thus defining the limit of the sidewalk», describes Sociedade Polis Ria Formosa, in a press release.

According to that entity, in areas where there is not enough width to build all these elements, priority will be given to the cycle path, as it is pedestrian and cycleable, and to parking, to the detriment of sidewalks, urban furniture and tree boilers. "In this way, the orderly use of space is ensured and the adjacent lagoon area is protected, achieving every comfort with the definition of different uses and with the use of vegetation that will provide the necessary shading", believes Polis .

Sociedade Polis will receive proposals for the execution of this work until the 28th of April, following its evaluation, the various legal procedures and the consequent award of the contract, which is scheduled for the second half of this year. From that moment on, the winner will have 240 days, approximately six months, to complete the intervention.

«Inaugurated in 2015, the requalification of Marginal Pedras d'el Rei – Santa Luzia will improve the conditions for the enjoyment of an important meeting space between citizens and one of its most valuable heritage and environmental elements, the Ria Formosa , safeguarding the comfort of users and also contributing to a more effective preservation of natural values», concludes the same entity.


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