Algarve was the Portuguese region with the most income in Tourism in 2013

The Algarve was the region of the country with the most global income in the tourism sector in 2013, with a turnover of […]

The Algarve was the region of the country with the most global income in the tourism sector in 2013, with a turnover of around 609 million euros. Data for the last quarter of 2013 confirmed the upward trend of Tourism in the region and the improvement in performance in the main indicators, according to the bulletin «Algarve Conjuntura Turística» of March of the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA).

With the data for the last quarter of 2013 available, it was possible to carry out the annual analysis and compare it with the year 2012. And the indicator that stands out the most is that of global income, which grew by 4% compared to the previous year. From a national perspective, the Algarve's earnings represented 31,1 percent of the total.

These values ​​were based on generalized year-on-year growth. First, the total number of guests, which increased by 3,6 percent (%), to around 3,15 million throughout the year, thanks to tourists from abroad.

The majority of registered guests were foreigners (2,22 million), earning a share of 70% of the total. With regard to Portuguese guests, there was a decrease of 2,3% compared to 2012, to around 0,93 million. By nationality, tourists from the United Kingdom and Germany increased, but also from Spain, reversing, in the latter case, the negative trend seen in 2012.

There was also an increase in terms of overnight stays, in this case of 3,5 percent. In total, 14,82 million overnight stays were registered in the Algarve's Hotel Establishments, Villages and Tourist Apartments, the vast majority of which were by foreigners (11,4 million). In this indicator, the Portuguese market is also falling. Even so, in 2013 the Algarve maintained its national leadership in terms of the number of overnight stays by foreigners (38,8%) and Portuguese (27,8%).

In 2013, the global average occupancy rate rose by 3,8 percent, reaching an annual average of 44,6 percentage points, "even surpassing the values ​​recorded in 2011", according to the RTA bulletin. Average daily revenue per available room also grew by 6,1%, to an average value of 40 euros.

In Golf, the barrier of a million laps was once again exceeded on the different courses in the Algarve, an increase of 1,1% compared to 2012. The number in 2013, of 1.008.287 laps, was even higher than that verified. in 2011 (1.003.979).

«With regard to the monthly distribution, it was found that the trend registered in previous years is maintained, with the high season for “Golf” corresponding to the months of March, April, May, September, October and November. This behavior of the demand curve for “Golf”, from March onwards, is the opposite of the curve for “Sol e Mar”, which has a positive effect in reducing the seasonality of tourist activity in the Algarve», concludes the RTA.