16th edition of Março Jovem has proposals for all tastes in Portimão

This Friday, the 7th, the 16th edition of the Young March starts, which until the 30th of this month offers a […]

The 7th edition of the Young March starts this Friday, which until the 16th of this month offers a very diverse program full of irresistible proposals, from art to sport, through culture and street entertainment, in three intense weeks.

The program starts at 18:00 pm, with the inauguration of the exhibition “Learning through Art – Artistic Heritage”, which will be on display at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes until the 26th of this month, while at 18:30 pm the Youth Group of Sociedade Filarmónica Portimonense will work at Centro Comercial Continente , located in Quinta da Malata.

This first day will end with a Poetry Night at Clube União Portimonense, scheduled for 22:00, time for the start of the 1st round of the March 2014 Band Contest, which will take place at Marginália Bar, where two more rounds will also take place in the coming weeks and the end of the event, scheduled for the 22nd.

Featured on Saturday, March 8, for the Pecha Kucha Night, which from 20:20 pm invites to the installations of ISMAT – Instituto Superior Manuel Teixeira Gomes, located in the city center, all those who have works or studies in architecture or design, graphic or digital projects, works in the fields of photography, sculpture or crafts, but also literature, dance, performance, theater and music, or even in non-artistic creative areas, such as advertising, information technology and the social aspect, among others.


Featured Music & Theater

The rhythms will mark the cadence of the 24 days of this 16th Young March, with a set of musical initiatives, from which the street concerts “Jazz na Primavera” stand out, with the participation of students from the Professional Courses of Jazz Instrumentalists of the EBS School of Bemposta, which will perform on March 8 at Alameda da República, March 15 at Fortaleza de Santa Catarina, March 22 at the Bandstand in the Zona Ribeirinha de Portimão and March 29 at Lota de Alvor, always at 17:30 pm.

Also at the musical level, it should be noted that on the 13th, from 18 pm, Praça Manuel Teixeira Gomes will be the natural stage for the street concert “Bué da Fixe”, in which songs alluding to friendship, love, fraternity will be performed and solidarity on the part of students from the Bemposta Group of Schools, whose Ensemble and NOPA classes will join their colleagues from the Professional Keyboard and String Instrumentist Course and from the Piano Class on the 00th to interpret the staged concert “Armadilha do Ritmo”, taking place in the auditorium of Escola EBS da Bemposta.

As usual, dramatic expression has a strong component in the Young March, and it is worth noting the street entertainment that combines theater and dance scheduled for 10:30 am on March 17 at Largo 1º de Maio, organized by O Teatro da Caverna do Manuel Teixeira Gomes School Grouping in collaboration with Grupo de Dança Pé na TCHON, or the exhibition of the play “How are they?”, scheduled for 21:30 on March 28 in the auditorium of Escola da Bemposta, whose authorship belongs Lucinda Coxon, in a show promoted as part of the celebrations of World Theater Day, with representation by students of the Professional Course of Performing Arts/Interpretation of that educational establishment and the participation of TIPO – Children's Theater of Portimão.


Exhibitions for all tastes

There will be several exhibitions to see during these intense days, as are the cases of the “Horta Familiar” exhibition, shown from March 7th to 28th at EMARP, at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes and at the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Library, and where examples of porch gardens and marquees in water bottles, organized by the CEF of Vegetable Garden and Vocational Course of the Vertical Grouping of Schools Eng. Nuno Mergulhão, or the exhibition “Emoções com Cor”, to be seen from March 11th to 26th at Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes e which brings together works carried out by students of Escola EB 2,3 Prof. José Buísel, in the context of affections.

Other proposals are the photography exhibition “Mercados do Barlavento”, on March 13 and 14 at the premises of the Escola Profissional Gil Eanes, which organizes it, or “A Magia das Artes Plásticas”, which can be seen between March 22 and April 11 at the Casa da Juventude de Portimão, promoted by the Plastic Arts Studio, while on the 26th, 27th and 28th of March the exhibition “Mergulhar na Tentação” will be on display at the Casa Manuel Teixeira Gomes, bringing together recipes and pastry samples , aromatic and medicinal herbs, organized by the CEF for Horticulture, Bakery/Pastry from the Vertical Grouping of Schools Eng. Nuno Mergulhão.

Also in this context, it is worth noting the opening on March 22 of the exhibition of the works presented in the context of the March Young Ideas Competition – Logo and Image, scheduled for 16:30 pm at the Casa da Juventude in Portimão, which will be followed by the awarding of the prize to the winner Daniela Encarnação, finalist in the Technical Course in Communication – Marketing, Public Relations and Advertising at Escola Profissional Gil Eanes de Portimão.

In the sporting chapter, the Regional BMX Championship, which takes place on March 15th at the Portimão Youth Park, will be accompanied by the 22st Stage of the BMX Race Portugal Cup on the 1nd, as well as the entire event. pay attention to the Inter-Schools Table Tennis Tournament scheduled for March 19 at the Polivalente at Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes, or the 5th Festival of Martial Arts and Combat Sports, which will start at 16 pm on March 00 at the Municipal Auditorium of Portimão.

On the other hand, and throughout the period from March 7th to 30th, KIA – Kartódromo Internacional do Algarve offers a 50 percent discount on individual kart rental upon presentation of the Municipal Youth Card.

In the proposals of the Young March 2014 the Solidarity March to be held on March 14, from 10:00 am, with an exit at the gas station located in the Ribeirinha of Portimão, to which the participants must contribute with food, in an organization of GRATO – Support Group for Drug Addicts.

Note also for the Miss and Mister contests that will be organized by Escola Secundária Poeta António Aleixo (March 8, at 20:30 pm), by Escola Internacional do Algarve (March 22, at 21 pm) and by Escola Secundária Manuel Teixeira Gomes ( March 00, at 28:20 pm), always in the Municipal Auditorium of Portimão.


knowledge sharing

The training aspect is also once again a strong focus on the Young March, which features a very diverse range of open classes, workshops and workshops, from pilates to sushi and cupcakes, including 2D digital animation, yoga, family tree, fitness , hip hop, zumba, healthy eating, self-makeup, t-shirt printing, art workshop, photography laboratory or organization of study methods and habits, among other proposals.

Also noteworthy is the Biological Market taking place on March 14, from 15 pm to 00 pm, in Largo Gil Eanes and where you can find groceries, vegetables, aromatic herbs, teas and infusions, organized by the Gil Eanes Professional School, or the lecture “Positive Psychology and Motivation: Strategies for Personal and Professional Success”, by Maria do Carmo Oliveira and Manuel Oliveira, founders of Clube do Otimismo, which is scheduled for 19:00 on March 19 at the premises of ISMAT, institute that promotes this initiative with free registration.

Throughout this period, many other initiatives are planned, including several video game tournaments to be held at the Casa da Juventude in Portimão, a space that hosts and promotes fun events, such as the March Young Treasure Hunt, scheduled for the afternoon of March 29th.

March Young 2014 will close in apotheosis with the XV Enportunas – Meeting of Academic Tunas, which will bring together on March 29 at the Municipal Auditorium of Portimão the musical irreverence of the Algarve academic tunas, for a show full of good mood.

A reflection of the dynamics of local youth and the association's youth movement in the municipality, Março Jovem counts with the commitment of around fifty entities, including schools, clubs, associations and companies, in an organization of the Municipality of Portimão that will move around five thousand young people, and the complete program can be consulted at:


organizational core
Bemposta Schools Group
Vertical Grouping of Schools Eng. Nuno Mergulhão
Academic Association of the University of Algarve
EB School Student Association 2,3 Prof. Jose Buisel
ESMTG Student Association
ESPAA Student Association
Guias de Portugal Association
O Infante Youth Association
Autodromo Internacional do Algarve
Black and Pearls Dance Crew
CAPELA – Support Center for Eastern Emigrant Population and Friends
Cruz da Midwives and Coca Maravilhas Community Centers
Chip 7 Portimão – Anonymous Informática
CIRM – Mexilhoeirense Instruction and Recreation Club
Contemporary Dance Class of Portimão
Rhythmic Gymnastics Class of Portimão
Municipal Ballet Class of Portimão
CLCC – Language, Culture and Communication Center
Portimão Bicross Club
Portimão Taekwondo Club
Dulce Margarido
EPGE – Professional School Gil Eanes de Portimão
School EB 2,3 Prof. Jose Buisel
Plastic Arts Studio
Fatima Martyrs
GRATO - Support Group for Drug Addicts
Group of students from the International School of the Algarve
Foot Dance Group at TCHON
Joana Felizardo
Marginalia Bar
Mariana Ramos Correia
Table Tennis Nucleus of Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School
Portimão Dance Studio
Sandra Silva – Makeup Artist
Portimonense Philharmonic Society
Theater of the Cave of the Manuel Teixeira Gomes Schools Group
TYPE – Children's Theater of Portimão
Tunabebes – Academic Tuna of the University of Algarve

Alain Afflelou
Regional Cycling Association
burger ranch
Central Skateshop
Continente Portimão Shopping Center
Union Portimonense Club
Manuel Teixeira Gomes Secondary School
Portuguese Cycling Federation
Portimão Marina
music studio
Perfect Printers – Graphic Arts