Algarve tourism with «record profits» in 2013

The Algarve had "record profits" in the tourism sector in 2013, with hotel revenues exceeding 600 million […]

The Algarve had "record profits" in the tourism sector, in 2013, with hotel revenues exceeding 600 million euros, revealed this Friday the Algarve Tourism Region (RTA), in a balance it made of the 2013 tourist year .

"More overnight stays, guests and income, more passengers and more golf rounds in the Algarve" are some indicators that, together with "the 609 million euros in total income (4,1 percent more), a record value", lead the entity official considering that last year was "very positive" for Algarve Tourism.

According to the RTA, which was based, among other indicators, on the "Touristic Activity Highlight" of the National Institute of Statistics (INE), the region's hotels registered 14,8 million overnight stays in 2013, which represents an increase of 3,5 percent (%) compared to 2012.

According to the same indicator, «the Algarve was the main destination (35,5% of total overnight stays in 2013), followed by Lisbon (24,1%) and Madeira (14,3%)». The behavior of the external markets was decisive for this result, as overnight stays by residents abroad increased by 5,5 percent, while the internal market ended the year in decline (-2,9%), a trend seen at the national level.

Also according to INE, the number of guests in the region grew by 3,6 percent compared to 2012, to 3,15 million guests, and the institute indicates the Algarve as the destination that generated the highest income in the entire country. resulting from the activity of tourist accommodation facilities:

The results of the airport of Faro were equally positive, approaching the six million passengers handled over the last year (+5,4%).

«The performance of the Algarve's golf courses confirms the excellent performance of the tourist destination: in 2013, the Algarve recorded 1 rounds of golf, a figure that represents a growth of 008 percent over the previous year. The region thus returns to a million laps, which has not been the case since 287,” added the RTA.