Parents of Faro manage to restore original timetables at EB1 schools in Alto Rhodes and Carmo

"We achieved!". This will be the phrase that will be posted from tomorrow on the railing of the Basic School of […]

"We achieved!". This will be the phrase that will be posted from tomorrow on the railing of the Elementary School of Alto Rhodes, in Faro. Students at this school, as well as those from the neighboring EB1 do Carmo, saw the timetables imposed on them after the beginning of the school year revoked and the original timetables restored.

Yesterday, on the day the 2nd period started, the original times were officially back in force.

After more than two months of struggle, the parents and guardians of the students of the two schools in Faro achieved the change they demanded: an exception regime for the students of these schools, which already operate with a double regime, with a few classes in the morning and others in the afternoon.

A characteristic that was not taken into account by the General Inspectorate of Education and Science (IGEC), which after an inspection of the Afonso III Group, to which both educational establishments belong, determined that all students would have to comply with a schedule of 25 weekly hours, instead of the 22,5 that the original hours, now replaced, determined.

A decision that the parents did not accept, since it appeared after the school year started, but also because they considered that this would be a double penalty for their children, who were already studying in an exceptional regime, the double.

Arguments that were presented to the most diverse entities and that prevailed with the tutelage. The door for resetting timetables was opened by an order that the Head of Cabinet of the Secretary of State for Basic and Secondary Education sent to the municipality of Faro.

In the order it was recommended that "it should be considered the possibility of considering an exception regime for the EB1 Alto de Rhodes and BB1 do Carmo Schools, as well as for other schools, through a case-by-case analysis, whose classes operate in a dual regime" .

With the guardianship's green light given on December 5th, the parents hurried to put in motion the resetting of schedules. «It was at the headquarters of the General Council of the Group that, days later and on the initiative of the Parents' Association, that body decided that the Direction of the Group should establish contact with the General Direction of School Establishments, so that the timetables could be reset as quickly as possible. possible, preferably at the beginning of the second term, which happened today [yesterday]», according to the Association of Parents and Guardians of the EB1 Alto de Rhodes.

«This outcome was only possible with the close involvement of the students' parents and a series of entities, among which we cannot fail to highlight the Mayor of Faro, the Ombudsman's Office and the parliamentary groups, as well as the attention that the entire community has given to this matter. The Parents' Association wants to leave its public thanks to everyone», they added.

Tomorrow, Wednesday, at 8 am, parents and guardians of the two schools will gather again in the street, as they had already done to carry out protests. This time, the objective is to change the banner that had been affixed to the railing of the EB1 school in Alto Rhodes with the phrase “We want to change a schedule for children!” to another one with the word “We did it!”.