Parents of Faro return to protest against changing schedules in primary schools

Parents of elementary schools in Alto Rhodes and Carmo, in Faro, will raise "the tone of the protests" and return […]

Parents of elementary schools in Alto Rhodes and Carmo, in Faro, will raise “the tone of the protests” and once again demonstrate against the change of schedule for their children, in force since 28 October. The concentration is scheduled for this Monday, at 8 am, in front of the EB1 in Alto Rhodes, then heading to the headquarters of the group, at the Escola EB2,3 Afonso III.

guardians sought the dialogue, but return to protest, considering that the direction of the D. Afonso III Schools Group, to which both primary schools belong, «is not safeguarding the best interests of its students and is not available to evaluate alternative solutions».

This situation, which the parliamentary groups of the PSD, PS, CDU and BE have already taken to the Assembly of the Republic, demanding the replacement of the old timetables, resulted from orders issued by the General Inspectorate of Education and Science, after a visit to these two schools in Faro. in the same situation is the School No. 5 of Olhão.

Although, in the three cases, they are schools that operate on a double schedule, in which there are two shifts of students, one in the morning and the other in the afternoon, that entity understood that they would have to fulfill a workload of 25 hours of teaching per week , plus five from Extra Curricular Activities, instead of the 22,5 that were initially stipulated. Hours of teaching component that cannot be guaranteed without changing the timetable, due to the lack of space in schools.

Thus, the children from the morning shift started to come in earlier and those from the second shift to leave later. A situation that parents do not accept, as they consider that it harms their children, in addition to having only been announced when the school year had already passed and the families had “all their lives organized”.

The parents claim, on the one hand, that the law allows a workload between 22,5 and 25 hours and, on the other hand, that the legislation also determines that the final hours must be disclosed to the parents upon registration, not they can be changed in the middle of the school year. Opinion that the different parliamentary groups support.

As revealed by the Association of Parents and Guardians of the EB1 Alto Rhodes in a statement, the group's management "informed that it would give an answer to the Parents' Association until last Friday, November 2, which did not happen." . “Contacted by phone on Monday, the 4th, the Director of the Grouping replied that she had not yet had the “opportunity to look into the matter”, revealed the Association of Parents.

“Because we are convinced that this is a situation that seriously affects families and that it blatantly harms children who should have classes under normal conditions, we believe that the population of Faro and their civic movements will not remain indifferent to this violation of the principle of equality and will join this cause, helping to make heard the legitimate demands of the parents of these schools”, concluded the representatives of those responsible for education.

Note: The illustration is by João Pinto, father of a child who attends the establishment.