Parents of students from Montenegro protested against lack of staff in schools

Draw attention to the lack of staff in the Montenegro School Group, in Faro and protest against […]

Draw attention to the lack of staff in the Montenegro School Group, in Faro and protesting the cuts of 500 million euros that the Government is preparing to decree in Education, were the reasons that led parents and guardians of students from that group to protest this Tuesday, at the door of EB 2,3 in Montenegro .

The protesters took advantage of the National Day of Indignation and Struggle to raise awareness of a situation they consider "very serious", linked to several accidents that have occurred inside schools. According to the president of the Parents Association of that group, Catarina Marques, there have been «several cases of children who go to the hospital with head trauma», in addition to a child who lost the tip of a finger, as well as reports that «there are more kids old people from 2nd and 3rd cycle schools who use drugs inside the school premises».

A situation that worries parents, who claim that the number of employees is insufficient for the number of students and is linked to these situations. “There at the new EB1 school, there are two employees to supervise more than 200 students”, he illustrated. The lack of effective control by adults also led "to property outside the school, including vehicles, have been damaged," he said.

In front of the group's headquarters, about two dozen guardians gathered, including João Piedade. «There is a lack of employees to help with the care of the kids outside of school hours. Until yesterday there were three, but it seems that a fourth employee will have arrived today», she said.

Of these three assistants, only two can be counted as supervisors of the children, since one of them “must always be at the door, answering phone calls and controlling the entrances”. “And this for the first cycle. There are eight classes with more than 20 students for three assistants!” he added.

The father of two children who attend the Group's establishments, one in the first cycle and the other in pre-school, João Piedade says that «last year there was a child who lost the tip of a finger, while playing». “The kids are running and the assistants, because they are few, have no way of ensuring that there is proper calm”, he defends.

According to Catarina Marques, the direction of the Group "has been making efforts to get people to find people", but this intention has been hampered by the difficult financial situation of the municipality of Faro. "We have already had several meetings with the Chamber, but what we are told is that they are under a Financial Rebalancing Program and cannot hire people." “But the parents are not to blame for that. You can't leave the situation as it is," considered the president of the Parents' Association.

«We, at this moment, needed three more people in the new EB 1, one in Pontes de Marchil, another in Patacão and in Praia de Faro and at least four more in EB 2,3, the headquarters of the Group», he considered.

This mother added that the protest also intends to repudiate the 500 million euros cuts in education foreseen in the State Budget for 2014, which was voted today. "With this, we are even more concerned," he said.