Câmara de Lagoa joins the global initiative “Cities for Life – Cities Against the Death Penalty”

For the first time, the Lagoa City Council will join the global initiative “Cities for Life – Cities Against […]

For the first time, the Lagoa City Council will join the global initiative “Cities for Life – Cities Against the Death Penalty”, thus joining hundreds of cities that demonstrate their opposition to the death penalty on November 30 .

This initiative comes within the scope of the commemorations of the International Day of Human Rights, which is programmatic based on the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which, in its context, recognizes that every person has the right to life.

The municipality of Lagoa emphasizes that Portugal was one of the pioneers in the abolition of the death penalty, considering that it “is part of a destructive policy of human beings” and is “a symptom of a culture of violence”.

The death penalty, stresses the local authority in Lagos, is “a tragedy of cultures that has not yet met the democratic political systems of moderation, pity and solidarity, a hallmark of political and human evolution in modern times, also political and social ideals of the Chamber of Lagoa».

In addition, says the municipality, Lagoa has "citizens from all over the world and diverse political regimes as citizens, some where human rights are not respected, in terms of international laws for the defense of life."

The death penalty was abolished in Portugal, for political crimes, by the Additional Act to the Constitution of July 5, 1852, and for civil crimes, by the law of July 1, 1867, Mainland and Adjacent Islands, and in the former colonies overseas, by law of 9 July 1890.

This is a worldwide campaign by Community of Sant'Egidio, with the support of international Amnesty, which has been running since 2002, but to which this year, for the first time, the City of Lagoa, through the City Council, joins «by imperative of conscience, in accordance with the concord mission that the executive implements in its administration».

Thus, during the next week, debate and clarification sessions on the subject in question will be promoted with young people in the municipality, and works alluding to the abolition of the death penalty will be created.

On Saturday, November 30, the main building of the City Hall will be symbolically illuminated with the exhibition of two works on canvas.

This initiative, at the local level, will have the technical support of the Project “The CLDS+ de Lagoa Factory”, promoted by the ADR Cultural and Social Center of Quinta de S. Pedro, in partnership with the Câmara de Lagoa and Social Security authorities, which , in collaboration with the municipality's Schools Groups, will dynamize the works on canvas related to the theme, to be exhibited to the public in the Polyvalent Room of the Convento de S. José, in Lagoa, from November 30th to December 6th.

For more information, interested parties may contact the Social Action Unit of the Municipality of Lagoa, Linha Verde 800 272 475.