Online platform will make Portugal the «largest golf club in the world»

Portugal wants to become the biggest golf “club” in the world and, for that, with the Portugal Golf Membership, a […]

Portugal wants to become the biggest golf “club” in the world and has, for that, o Portugal Golf Membership, a “world-innovative” technological platform, with free access, which works as a virtual club, available online. The tool was launched this Friday, in Vilamoura, by Turismo de Portugal, which launches this project in partnership with the European Tour.

This site is not limited to aggregating the offer and facilitating the access of golf fans to courses across the country, it also allows international golfers who become members to «benefit from exclusive and unbeatable conditions on their visit to Portugal».

«In addition to special discounts at hotels and green fees offers on golf courses in the country, registration provides access to unique experiences and a wide range of benefits that will be constantly increased and updated. Currently, the platform has around 50 associated promotions», revealed Turismo de Portugal.

25 percent discount on the cost of the field and that can go up to 40 percent at rent-a-car companies in the region are just examples of what the platform has to offer.

«This is a unique promotion tool, which places us at a competitive level far above what our competitors offer. By creating a close and privileged relationship with our tourists, we are not only offering them the best product in the world but, through unique benefits, convincing them to return and bringing new players with us, according to the Portuguese Tourism Board Luís Matoso.

With this project, tourists gain, but also local companies, «which strengthen their businesses, across the entire value chain of the sector», defended Turismo de Portugal. Destinations are also reinforced with this measure.

According to the public entity responsible for structuring and promoting the tourism sector, «Portugal thus becomes the first country to organize itself as a golf club, taking advantage of its main tourist assets and the central motivations of golfers – excellent quality courses for the best prices, differentiated treatment and unique conditions for the practice of the sport».

Portugal's Golf Membership is an activation action for the golf product within the scope of the Portugal Masters international tournament, which began on Friday and ends today in Vilamoura, of which Turismo de Portugal is the main sponsor. Last year, a similar action was carried out with “Portugal's Mastershots”,