Parents of Basic School nº5 in Olhão «revolted» with new double timetables

The parents of Escola Basica nº 5 of the Prof. Paula Nogueira, in Olhão, are "revolted" with […]

The parents of Escola Basica nº 5 of the Prof. Paula Nogueira, in Olhão, are «revolted» by the implementation of new double timetables, after the beginning of the school year, which they consider "inappropriate" and harmful to their children.

The announcement by the direction of the grouping of the new schedules, made this week, led the parents to arrange a meeting with those responsible for the school, "to take a joint position against the imposed school schedules".

According to the Sul Informação with one of the parents of the affected children, who chose not to be identified, the meeting will take place this Friday, at 19 pm. At issue, the fact that children aged 6 and over are “now forced to start classes at 7:50 am”, while others “started to leave that primary school at 18:35 pm”.

Parents and guardians of students from that school will have received through their children a letter from the direction of the group, on Tuesday, October 8, in the late afternoon. “On letterhead with the name of the group and the government logo, the letter had information about the new school hours of EB1 nº 5 in Olhão. A new timetable to start the next morning, with classes starting at 7:50 am», complained the guardian.

"This means that kids from 6 to 10 years old have to be in school very early, to fulfill a schedule that is completely inappropriate for the year they attend". This is all due to the implementation of a double-time regime, "which the Government has promised to end", which determines that there is a morning shift, between 7:50 am and 13:10 pm, and another in the afternoon, between 13:15 pm and 18:35 pm.

For the parents of affected students, a schedule that is communicated the day before and that comes with the current school year, is contrary to the law in force, since the legislation determines that the schedule must be communicated to the guardians at the time of registration.

“And there are only five minutes to rotate between classes, obviously compromising any cleaning of the rooms. A schedule that clashes with the kids' out-of-school sports and cultural activities, which have been going on since the beginning of September», added the same guardian.

«The Student Statute provides that “the student has the right to enjoy a school schedule suitable for the year attended, as well as a balanced planning of curricular and extracurricular activities, namely those that contribute to the cultural development of the community”. The Statute also lists 23 duties of the student, and none of them conflicts with this right», he also defended.