Hunger strike is again a "weapon" against mixed classes at a Loulé school

The father of one of the students from school nº4 of the Padre João Coelho Cabanita de Loulé Schools Group, goes […]

The father of one of the students from school nº4 of the Padre João Coelho Cabanita de Loulé Schools Group, will once again resort to the hunger strike as a form of protest against the placement of 3rd year students in 4th grade classes. João Martins has gone over 48 hours without eating in front of school.

«Following more than two weeks of psychological and pedagogical terrorism practiced by the school on children and their families, it is reported that the father of one of the children, João Martins, has decided to go back on hunger strike in the next
Friday», reported the Movement of Citizens of Loulé in Defense of Public Schools.

This is a controversy that has lasted since the beginning of the school year and continues to have new episodes. This week, the GNR was even called to the school to remove "three relatives of one of the children", who occupied it in the principal's office "for 30 minutes".

"The school board left its office, justifying that it was past working time (while the principal was waiting for a reply from the DGEST that was late in arriving) and that they had to go to dinner, leaving the relatives of one of the children alone in the boardroom. , later phoning the GNR to inform of the occurrence», denounced the movement.

"Having entered the third week of classes after an orientation issued by the General Directorate of Schools, at the end of the first school week, the school principal does not understand why he does not follow up on this orientation issued from above," he added.

The school director even "publicly informed at a meeting of the parents' association of this school grouping that the solution to the case would have arrived through the respective guidance of the General Directorate of Schools", but the parents ended up providing "their expectations of new losers'.

Bearing this in mind, “the parents of these children will make an appeal for a demonstration outside school number 4”, on Friday, October 4th, at 8:30 am. Parents do not understand why there are 3rd year students in 4th grade classes "when there is a 3rd year class with only 11 students".

"In the face of this case of the most absolute lack of humanity on the part of those responsible for education at the school and the Ministry of Education, the parents of the children involved inform that they will use all means, to the last consequences, so that their children are placed correctly in the year of schooling to which they passed, not admitting in any way that with a class of 11 children in the 3rd year of schooling their children are placed in a class of the 4th year of schooling», summarized the movement.