Algarve Catholics pray for new vocations from 2 to 15 November

The Algarve Catholic community will pray for new vocations during the first half of November, in the diocesan “Lausperene”, the “Adoration […]

The Algarve Catholic community will pray for new vocations during the first fortnight of November, in the diocesan "Lausperene", the "permanent adoration of the Blessed Sacrament", announced the Diocese of Algarve. The initiative begins on November 2, in the parish church of Quarteira, at 21 pm, with the celebration of the Eucharist and will end on the 15th, with a celebration in the parish church of Conceição de Faro, at the same time.

«Promoted by the training team of the Seminar of Faro, this is one of the most significant initiatives carried out in the course of each pastoral year in the Diocese of Algarve and is part of the actions planned for the promotion of the Week of Seminars, which takes place nationwide between 10 and 17 November», he revealed. the Algarve Diocese.

“Lausperene mobilizes the entire Church in the Algarve which, for 15 days, 24 hours a day, joins in an uninterrupted chain of prayer to the Blessed Sacrament. Each parish of the four vicarages existing in the diocese (Faro, Loulé, Portimão and Tavira), every Catholic community, congregation, group and movement in the Algarve diocese joins this initiative, with the aim of asking God for consecrated vocations, both in the priesthood, in religious life or in secular institutes », he added.

«When I meet with your parish priests to distribute the Lausperene time, it is always a difficulty, because the parish priests conclude that it is difficult to mobilize people to pray for some time at night. Is it that hard to pray at night once a year? I believe it's difficult, but can't we overcome this difficulty? See that the group of our seminarians is owed to your prayer and your Eucharistic adoration, “said the Bishop of Algarve D. Manuel Quintas, at this year's Diocesan Assembly, which took place in Quarteira, last September 21st.

The Lausperene program can be consulted on the website of the Diocese of Algarve.