Canon César Chantre assumes the Parish of Saint Peter in Faro

Canon César Chantre was appointed to the Parish of Saint Peter in Faro, in replacement of Father Luís Gonzaga […]

Canon César Chantre was appointed to the Parish of Saint Peter in Faro, replacing Father Luís Gonzaga Nunes.

The inauguration is scheduled for September 28 and, according to the Chamber of Faro, "of yet another reinforcement in the connection of Father César to our council".

The Chamber announced, moreover, that it sees "with enthusiasm" the appointment of Canon César Chantre to the parish.

With work recognized throughout the Algarve, it has strong links to the municipality of Faro, where he assumed functions at the Seminar of Faro soon after being ordained a priest.

He is currently Regional Chaplain of the Guarda Regional Republicana, a position he holds without expenditure for the National Treasury.

Due to his connections with the University of Algarve, he is also chaplain at that institution and since 2007, he has been director of the College of Nossa Senhora do Alto, an educational institution of the Diocese of Algarve that welcomes more than 300 students based on excellent teaching and whose results are very have been proud Faro and the Farenses.

He celebrated his silver wedding at the service of the parishes of Boliqueime, Ferreiras and Paderne, in the municipality of Albufeira, having won an unshakable friendship with the population and a unique complicity that earned him the recognition of the local authority.

Due to its dynamism, entrepreneurship and ability to join forces around objectives in favor of society, it is with great satisfaction that we witness this strengthening of ties with the municipality of Faro.

"From the local authority, as has always happened with all parishes, you can count on our support for the public cause and the well-being of the people of Faro", stresses the Chamber of Faro.