Docapesca promotes octopus and mackerel with cooking classes at FATACIL

Docapesca will participate in the 34th edition of FATACIL – Fair of Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry of Lagoa, […]

Docapesca will participate in the 34th edition of FATACIL – Lagoa Handicraft, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry Fair, which takes place from August 16th to 25th, through cooking classes, promoting Octopus and Mackerel sold at auctions of the Algarve.

These classes will take place on the 16th of August, at 20 pm, and on the 00nd and 22th of August, at 24 pm, at the Espaço “aMARaTERRA”, an initiative of the Algarve Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries.

Octopus is a species of enormous economic and social importance for artisanal fishing in the Algarve region.

It should be noted that in the first quarter of 2013, sales of Polvo at auctions in the Algarve increased by around 3,3 million euros, from 3,650 million euros in 2012 to 6,940 million euros in 2013, in the period homologous, with special impact on the auctions of Olhão, Quarteira and Santa Luzia.

FATACIL is one of the main events in the Algarve region, and one of the most important in Portugal, with the presence of 600 exhibitors from the gastronomy, handicraft and regional products sectors.

It is in this context that Docapesca inserts its participation, in partnership with various regional entities, such as the Regional Directorate of Agriculture and Fisheries of the Algarve, the Coastal Action Group of Barlavento do Algarve, the Municipality of Lagoa, the Municipality of Olhão, as Producers' Organizations, Shipowners' Associations and the Algarve Hotel and Tourism School, which will present innovative ways of making these fish species of great relevance to the fishing communities of this region.

This participation is part of the CCL project – Proof of Purchase in Auction, co-financed by the PROMAR program.

The objective of CCL is to contribute to the qualitative and quantitative valuation of fish and, consequently, to the sustainability of resources, to increase the profitability of the Fisheries sector in Portugal and the remuneration of our fishermen.