Rogério Bacalhau will stay the course and finish his term in Faro «with ease»

Peace of mind when entering and serenity in case you have to leave before the end of your term. Rogério Bacalhau […]

Peace of mind when entering and serenity in case you have to leave before the end of your term. Rogério Bacalhau made his first official statement this Wednesday since assuming the presidency of the Chamber of Faro, to ensure that there is a man at the helm of the municipality, despite the departure of Macário Correia, and that the course will remain in place until the end of the current term.

Since yesterday the mayor's president admitted, on the sidelines of the session with journalists, that he feels “more weight” on his shoulders, since “the responsibility is much greater”. “But it's a smooth change. The team was all here, we're in the business. It's a matter of working every day for the benefit of the community,” he added.

In the statement he had made moments before, Rogério Bacalhau assured that "the changes in the structure of functions are minimal". “I will exercise firm leadership, it is true, but with a dialogic character. Integrative and inclusive. I am, of course, counting on everyone. I'm here to help, but I'm also waiting for everyone's help», he declared.

«Basically, what I want to convey is a message of tranquility. The executive is functioning with the objectives it proposed and we are going to finish the mandate calmly, fulfilling everything that was foreseen, in terms of objectives», he said, after the session.

If Macário Correia decides to return to office, Rogério Bacalhau hinted that he will have no problems with this issue. "We're all here," he said, when asked if he was ready for that eventuality.

Macário Correia left his post, but he did not cut off relations with the executive. «We have been talking. He's even in Brussels today, but we've been talking about what's needed,” he said.

The now president of the Chamber of Faro he guaranteed that he maintains “a good relationship” with Macário Correia and that “of course” he counts on him to help him in the 2013 Autárquicas campaign. “What happened has nothing to do with the personal relationships between people”, he assured.

With the departure of Macário Correia and the rise of Rogério Bacalhau to president, councilor Teresa Correia becomes vice president of the municipality and councilor Natacha Alentejano, who until Monday was the Chief of Staff of Macário Correia, being the element next on the list that won the local elections in FaroIn 2009.

In about three months to go before the Local Elections (they are scheduled for September 29), in addition to the inauguration of the Pavilhão Gimnodesportivo, "which should happen this month" and the entry into operation of a gym, ready, in the Municipal Market, Rogério Bacalhau stated that he wants to ensure that classes in schools supervised by the municipality "start on September 12th, without problems."