Casa do Cante has a recording studio for choral groups from Reguengos de Monsaraz

Casa do Cante, a space that aims to promote, exalt and study Alentejo cante, will be inaugurated in […]

Casa do Cante, a space that aims to promote, exalt and study Alentejo cante, will be inaugurated on July 21, at 19 pm, in Telheiro (Reguengos de Monsaraz), at the opening of the Cante Festival in Terras do Grande Lago .

Casa do Cante will have an interpretive area about Alentejo singing and an auditorium with a studio for recording cds for choral groups. Thus, tourists and all visitors to this space will be able to discover the Alentejo cante, participate in rehearsals of the choral groups and take a record on cd or dvd of that experience.

The Casa do Cante, where the Coral Group of the Parish of Monsaraz will be based, will also be a space for rehearsals and performances by all the choral groups in the municipality of Reguengos de Monsaraz.

Next to Casa do Cante, the Telheiro Events Park was built, a complementary multi-purpose venue that will be managed by the Associação Gerações do Telheiro for the benefit of the community.

After the inauguration of Casa do Cante, at 20:30 pm, the first performances will take place in this space with choral groups from the municipality.

On stage will be the Coral Group Gente Nova de Campinho, the Coral Group “Os Bel'Aurora” from Campinho (youth group), the Coral Group of the Casa do Povo in Reguengos de Monsaraz and the Coral Group of the Freguesia de Monsaraz.

The Festa do Cante in Terras do Grande Lago continues on July 26 in the medieval village of Monsaraz. From 22:00 pm, the Cross-Border Cooperation Day will take place with the show “Sons Ibéricos” and performances by the Grupo Feminine from the Granja “Flores de Abril”, Tuna Estudiantina de Alconchel, Choir ARS VETERÁ – Villanueva del Fresno and the Group “A Moda Mom".

On July 27, at 10:00 am, the colloquium “Cante Alentejano – Safeguarding, Sustainability and Transmission” begins at the Church of Santiago.

The opening session will include speeches by José Calixto, Mayor of Reguengos de Monsaraz, José Ribeiro e Castro, from the Committee on Education, Science and Culture of the Assembly of the Republic, Jorge Nunes, President of the Parish Council of Monsaraz, Joaquim Cardoso, president of the Cultural and Sports Group of the Parish of Monsaraz, and Paulo Lima, who belongs to the Scientific Committee for Cante's candidacy for UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage and is responsible for the Casa do Cante de Serpa.

The first panel, “10 Years of the Convention for the Safeguarding of Cultural and Intangible Heritage”, will be led by Ana Paula Amendoeira (ICOMOS), Jacinta Oliveira (INATEL Foundation) and Ceia da Silva (Alentejo Tourism, ERT).

During the afternoon, the second panel, entitled “Safeguarding, Sustainability and Transmission”, will have communications by Paulo Lima (Casa do Cante de Serpa) and Joaquina Margalha (Alderman of the City Council of Reguengos de Monsaraz).

Then there will be a round table on “Sing Alentejano – Challenges in Transmission”, with the presentation of several projects of children's and youth choirs that are being developed with the aim of preserving and spreading the Alentejo song to new generations, namely the project Damaia, by Joaquina Miranda, Serpa, by Pedro Mestre, S. Pedro do Corval, by Inácio Santos, and Campinho, by Anabela Caeiro.

Then, from 19:00 pm, at Largo D. Nuno Alvares Pereira, the Damaia Project – Os Rouxinóis da Damaia, the Serpa Project – Vila Nova de S. Bento Youth Group and the Campinho Project – Coral Group “Os Bel” will take place. 'Aurora' by Campinho.

Finally, at 22 pm, next to Porta da Alcoba, the Festa do Cante will take place, a show that will register the first joint performance of the four choral groups in the municipality.

The Festa do Cante will also feature the participation of Carlos Guilherme, Pedro Mestre, Manuel Sérgio and José Farinha, Baccus String Quartet, Coral Group from the Parish of Monsaraz, Coral and Ethnographic Group Camponeses de Pias, Band of the Sociedade Filarmónica Corvalense and the Youth Choir Group of Vila Nova de São Bento.