Rogério Bacalhau joins the coalition that won the Chamber of Faro in 2009

Four parties and a civic movement assumed this Wednesday the coalition «Together for Faro» that will support the candidacy of […]

Four parties and a civic movement assumed this Wednesday the coalition «Together for Faro» who will support Rogério Bacalhau's candidacy for mayor of the Algarve capital.

PSD, CDS-PP, MPT, PPM and MIM (Movement of Independents of Montenegro) signed an electoral agreement and reissued the partnership started about four years ago, to support Macário Correia's candidacy.

The current president of the Chamber of Faro he was not present at the session, similarly to what had already happened at the launch of Rogério Bacalhau's candidacy.

At the time, Macário Correia left a written statement and his absence was justified by a pre-assumed commitment, which took him to Évora. This time, there was no statement and the reason for his absence was not addressed in the communications that were made.

At the ceremony that took place next to the Doca de Faro, the names of the candidates of the coalition to the different parish councils of Faro, which are now four, after the mergers decreed by the Government.

In Montenegro, there are no surprises and Steven Piedade will re-run for the position of president he now holds. To compete for Santa Bárbara de Nexe, the chosen one is Amaro Joaquim Ruivinho.

In the union of parishes Sé/São Pedro, the candidate is Helena Louro and in the parish that will result from the merger of Estoi with Conceição, the coalition «Juntos por Faro» advances with Vitorino da Conceição Inácio as head of the list.

The names that will accompany the current vice-president of the municipality on his list of candidacies for the Chamber of Faro are not yet known.

The electoral agreement was signed by Cristóvão Norte, deputy and President of the PSD Faro, Francisco Pinheiro, President of the CDS/PP Faro, José Faria, National Coordinator of the Land Party, Mário Ribeiro, regional leader of the Monarchic Popular Party and João Amaro, for the MIM.

"In Faro, until yesterday there were PSD, CDS/PP, MPT, PPM and MIM. As of today there is only FARO. And it will be together by Faro that we are going to build and implement a common project for the development of our land», considered Rogério Bacalhau, in his speech to mark the occasion.

The president of the PSD/Faro Cristóvão Norte recalled that "of the 308 Portuguese municipalities, there is only one that has a coalition that brings together more than four political forces," a sign, he claimed, of the consensus generated around Rogério Bacalhau.

The candidate took the opportunity to reinforce some of the ideas that you had already put forward when launching your application, namely the intention to give special attention to the social area, if elected and to bet on the dynamization of the tourist sector, in Faro.