Band «Dear Telephone» plays at Dusk in Faro and Sagres on the weekend

The end of the afternoon can be enjoyed with the music of «Dear Telephone» this Saturday and Sunday, at Galeria Arco, in Faro [...]

The end of the afternoon can be enjoyed with the music of «Dear Telephone» this Saturday and Sunday, at Galeria Arco, in Faro and at the Fortaleza de Sagres, in another edition of the «Concertos ao Entardecer» initiative by the Algarve association ArQuente.

The Portuguese band will present the show «Providence», where their latest work «Taxi Ballad» will be in focus, in two concerts that take place at 19:30 (Faro) and at 19 pm (Sagres).

In the case of the monument in the municipality of Vila do Bispo, entry is free.

Em Faro: Sul Informação, as media partner of the «Concertos ao Entardecer», has two tickets to offer, in a competition that we will launch on our website this Friday.

«Dear Telephone» was born in 2010 through the meeting of musicians Graciela Coelho, André Simão and Paulo Araújo (partners at La La La Ressonance) and Pedro Oliveira (fish drummer:avião and Old Jerusalem). Since then, they have been asserting themselves in the Portuguese music scene and began to be noticed abroad.

In March 2013 they released their first full-length album, «Taxi Ballad», after integrating a new element, Ricardo Cibrão (see Biography below).

The «Concertos ao Entardecer» is a concept that Ar Quente has been putting into practice for years and combines the music of emerging bands with the natural beauty of a late afternoon in spring/summer near the Ria Formosa, in this case in Faro or the Sea, in the case of Sagres.

For the 6th and 7th of July, a new round of concerts is scheduled, this time with the band «Coelho Radioativo». In the meantime, pay attention to our website, to guarantee a ticket for tomorrow's concert, Saturday, of «Dear Telephone».


Dear Telephone was inspired by the name of Peter Greenaway's short film “Dear Phone” – 1976, to express the desire to decant “soap operas” and pocket melodramas, in hard and frugal compositions.

They edited their first record in March 2011 by PAD, the EP “Birth of a Robot”, enthusiastically received by the written/online press and presented live in venues such as Centro Cultural Vila Flor, Theatro Circo, Casa da Música, Hard Club ( w/ Anna Calvi) or in festivals such as Optimus Primavera Club, Millions of Festa, Boat Rock Fest, Alta Baixa, Jameson Urban Routes (w/ Sun Airways), among others. They are part of the compilation “Novos Talentos Fnac 2011” and represent Portugal in the August 2011 edition of “Music Alliance Pact”. They deserve attention in some foreign press, such as the Japanese P+M Magazine and are part of the soundtrack of the Brazilian short film “Contramão” by Fábio Menezes.

They occupy the end of 2012 in the process of composing the first feature film – Taxi Ballad – and integrate a new element (Ricardo Cibrão). This record is edited in May 2013 by PAD.