PSD in presentation mode, PS on the attack at the start of the pre-campaign a Faro

The PS began the pre-campaign of the attack, with people waving flags, a few hours after the PSD candidate […]

The PS began the pre-campaign of the attack, with people waving flags, a few hours after the PSD candidate presented his ideas and made himself known to the council in a more intimate session.

Candidates for Faro The PSD and PS publicly presented their candidacies yesterday, in two sessions that were very different, even in the approach to the problems faced by the municipality of Faro.

At the bar/restaurant «O Castelo», at the end of the afternoon, Rogério Bacalhau presented his candidacy and, for the first time, spoke openly as the PSD's candidate for the Chamber of Faro, in a session that could be called serene and intimate, despite having local and regional personalities from various sectors, with businessmen making a strong presence, as well as the youth structure of the party.

After nightfall, it was Paulo Neves' turn to make his presentation at the Municipal Market of Faro. Basically, this was the second presentation of the Socialist, since the formal announcement of the candidacy had already taken place more than a month ago, in a session with journalists.

This time, there were many well-known party figures present (PS General Secretary António José Seguro was the guest of honour), other personalities from the region and many popular. There was also no lack of colored flags.


Codfish only promises work, but highlights the social area and tourism

In the village of Faro, only the vice president of the PSD at national level Jorge Moreira da Silva spoke, who conveyed a message of confidence in the candidate that was worth the entire structure of the party and Rogério Bacalhau himself.

The “human and technical” capacities of the current vice-president of the Chamber were praised and after Moreira da Silva had highlighted that Rogério Bacalhau is the man responsible for the Finance department and for the work of cleaning up the municipality's accounts, which has been carried out, Rogério Bacalhau he advanced some of the main lines of his candidacy, with the guarantee that there is a lot of work to be done in direct contact with the Farenses, in order to prepare a final proposal.

But he immediately warned that he would not enter into promises, even because the times are not ripe for that. The only thing it does is that it will «work to serve Faro», warning that to «go further» it is necessary «rigor in the management of public resources».

Even so, it assumed “commitments”, including some in the social area, such as the extension of social water fees to more families, socio-educational support and the creation of a social transport pass.

The creation of a support office for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship, as well as a commitment to promoting the city's tourism, namely in low-cost flights to Faro, are proposed for the area of ​​Economics. The dynamization of the commercial downtown was another priority mentioned.

Rogério cod also pointed out the need to bet on the affirmation of the events that already take place in Faro and in betting on new achievements that place Faro in the spotlight.


Paulo Neves and PS enter the pre-campaign to attack

Shortly after the PSD presented its candidate for Faro, the current main opposition party in Faro, the PS, joined the Municipal Market of Faro. Here, there were many speakers and most took the opportunity to attack the current executive and his policies.

In a style quite different from the presentation that had taken place a little earlier, Paulo Neves gathered around him the secretary general of the PS, the former socialist presidents of the Chamber of Faro and the local and regional structure of the party. Altogether, there were more than ten interventions from the pulpit.

The criticism of the Government's policies and their comparison with those followed by the ruling coalition in Faro balanced with the praise of Paulo Neves. The candidate also took the stage, thanked and even sent greetings to Rogério Bacalhau, before going on the attack too.

The PS candidate, who has been very active in the street campaign and on the internet («we already have 48 and 708 people who said they like Faro on Facebook”), guaranteed that he will explain how he intends to fulfill the promises he makes, when he makes them, assuring that despite the many difficulties he is in the race “to do something better, something different”.

A new proposal was the "creation of a citizens' council", the Municipal Council of Faro, independent of municipal bodies and made up of citizens.

In addition to the social area, where he commits to lowering social incomes and giving more support to families, Paulo Neves also pointed out two key areas in the program he will present: knowledge and connection to the university and urban rehabilitation, with an eye on financing community.