Galeria Trem hosts an exhibition of works made with “everyday objects”

The exhibition “Improprio para Consumption” will show the art of Jorge Mestre Simão, Ângelo Gonçalves and Tatiana Barreiros […]

The exhibition «Impróprio para Consumio» will present the art of Jorge Mestre Simão, Ângelo Gonçalves and Tatiana Barreiros at Galeria Trem, in Faro, from April 18th.

The inauguration is scheduled for next Thursday at 18:30 pm and shows works by artists who use everyday objects to create works of art.

The three artists whose works will be exhibited "creatively use the role of objects in the world, reconfiguring them and reiterating the idea of ​​the artist as a collector who appropriates what he sees and transforms the common into the unusual", described the Center for Research in Arts and Communication (CIAC) of the University of Algarve, which promotes the event.

"By making art with what is left, the three artists present to the public a product that is truly unfit for consumption," he added.



Tatiana Barreiros (1985)

Graduated in Visual Arts at Ualg in July 2011. Develops works in the areas of performance, installation and drawing. (She is not an emerging artist because she never submerged).


Angelo Gonçalves (1973)

In 2012, he finished his degree in Visual Arts at the University of Algarve. He works with the exploration of different materials, creating sculptures and sculptural objects, as well as developing work in drawing and painting.


Jorge Mestre Simão (1984)

He graduated in Visual Arts in 2009 from the University of Algarve and acquired a master's degree in 2012 from the Superior School of Arts and Design of Caldas da Rainha. Develops work in areas as diverse as painting, drawing, sculpture, photography and video. His most recent work, regardless of the medium he uses, focuses on gesture repetition. In the dismantling of gesture and repetition that create autonomous and intuitive rituals.