There is a new Nature Tourism Guide in the Algarve

The new Algarve Nature Tourism Guide was launched yesterday, Thursday, by the Algarve Regional Tourism Authority, […]

The new Algarve Nature Tourism Guide was launched yesterday, Thursday, by the Regional Tourism Authority of the Algarve, in Lisbon, and may be purchased soon at Algarve Tourism Offices. A first paper edition, free of charge, has already started to be distributed on the Lisbon Tourism Exchange (BTL) and intends to make known the region's natural treasures.

This publication is the result of a partnership between Turismo do Algarve and Associação Almargem and was seen as a central element in structuring the Nature Tourism segment in the region. It was also the featured product in the presentation of the main news that ERTA has in store for 2013, which took place on Thursday at the BTL fair.

In addition to this physical support, a bet was also made on the dynamization of this online niche, with the new ERTA Nature Tourism microsite, already accessible. Soon, the guide itself will be made available in PDF format on the Internet and can be downloaded anywhere in the world.

On the sidelines of the presentation, ERTA Vice President Duarte Padinha revealed to the Sul Informação that the Nature Tourism Guide now launched comes «to try to meet the expectations of the market, whether from professionals or consumers, to be able to bring together in a promotional instrument, all the diversity and valences that the region has related to this sector”.

"Above all, this is a sign that we are concerned and attentive to another Algarve that is not always the best known or the most promoted," he added. An idea that had already been highlighted by the president of ERTA Desidério Silva, during the presentation and, afterwards, to the journalists.

Desidério Silva drew attention to the need that the Algarve has to offer more than its main product, Sol e Praia, and says that the main objective should be «to reduce seasonality, bring new routes to the region and offer new products».

A goal that was made clear in yesterday's presentation, which almost always focused on alternative products to Sol e Praia, with the region's natural wealth being particularly highlighted. "Nature products are associated with an image that we want to promote", illustrated the president of ERTA.

In addition to the Nature Guide and ERTA's Nature Tourism microsite, the future seal «Birdwatching Algarve» and the project «Rediscovering the Secrets of the Algarve», aimed at trade and journalists, were part of the news.

In the first case, Turismo do Algarve wants to deliver the first stamp even before the end of 2013 to companies in the region linked to birdwatching. One of the requirements for obtaining the seal will be to have “a bird specialist certified as a nature tour guide” on the team.

With regard to the “Rediscovering the Secrets of the Algarve” project, the idea is to bring professionals from the tourism sector and journalists to the region to take them to some of the region's emblematic places, further away from the normal circuits. In this case, in addition to natural wealth, the focus will also be on regional heritage, culture and products.

(Corrected information on the availability of Guides at Tourist Offices, which although initially scheduled for today, has not yet been set. Distribution is already taking place at BTL)