Traffic circulation in Pêra undergoes temporary alteration

The locality of Pêra, in the municipality of Silves, will undergo, from the 18th of March, a change […]

The locality of Pêra, in the municipality of Silves, will suffer, from the 18th of March, a temporary change in traffic, which will affect circulation and parking in some of its streets and accessibilities. This change will take place over an estimated period of two months.

Thus, and during this period, the circulation of vehicles on Rua Almeida Garrett will be prohibited, from the intersection with Rua João de Deus to Rua das Areias (with the exception of local traffic from EM 526).

This change will also affect parking at Rua das Areias and in the narrowest area of ​​Rua do Lagar, roads where parking will be prohibited on both sides.

Intermunicipal, EN 269-1 to EN 125 and Rua João de Deus and Rua Alexandre Herculano will become part of the bus routes, stopping at the Primary School, on Rua João de Deus.

The circulation of heavy vehicles will also be prohibited from the Padre roundabout and the connecting road between EM 526 and Intermunicipal (except for the MSW collection vehicles from CMS and Algar).

This temporary change results from the need to interrupt traffic circulation on Rua Almeida Garrett (in the aforementioned area) for the construction of the Pastoral Center of Pêra, by the Parish Church Factory in the parish of Pêra.


Veja here in more detail the map with the expected changes.