Germany seeks doctors, engineers, cooks and mechanics in the Algarve

The German federal employment agency will be in the Algarve on February 28th and March 1st to […]

The German federal employment agency will be in the Algarve on February 28th and March 1st to hire young Portuguese people, between 18 and 35 years old, in various professional areas, to work in Germany.

These are two sessions of the “Welcome to Germany Tour 2013”, scheduled for the Amphitheater of the Superior School of Management, Hotel and Tourism (ESGHT), at the Penha Campus of the University of Algarve, in Faro, on the 28th, and to the auditorium of the Portimão Museum, on the 1st of March.

If you're interested, know that you're not going to have time to apply, because the turnout was such that the mandatory pre-registration quickly ran out. The sessions have already taken place in Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra and Lisbon, being today in Setúbal and tomorrow in Évora.

The sessions, which take place in English (and, in the case of Personalized Counseling and with the candidates being prepared for this purpose, to be held in German), required prior registration.

Only candidates from professional areas that correspond to the deficits of qualified and specialized professionals in Germany should participate.

Thus, the German employment agency is looking for professionals in the fields of Engineering (mechanics, electrical engineering, automotive, aeronautics and aerospace, quality management, distribution/sales management, chemistry, environment/renewable energies) and Information Technologies (software development ” and “hardware”, programming).

It is also looking for professionals in the Health sector (nurses, doctors, physiotherapists) and Hospitality and Restaurants (cooks, waiters, receptionists).

There is still demand for Technical Professions (welding, metalworking, locksmiths and mechanical lathes, CNC operators and programmers; plumbers, auto mechanics).

These sessions are promoted by IEFP/EURES Portugal, in cooperation with ZAV - International Recruitment Service of the German public employment service, and take place throughout the country, in the cities of Braga, Porto, Aveiro, Coimbra, Lisbon, Setúbal, Évora, Faro and Portimão, in order to inform and advise Portuguese professionals interested in working in Germany.

These sessions will cover the following topics Career prospects and employment opportunities in the above areas; practical tips on how to apply for/approach a German employer; living and working conditions in Germany; the importance of the German language; the german job exchange and the portal; Possible financial support for your move to Germany.

Although the entries are already sold out, you can always send your application or request for clarification to [email protected].

In order to select candidates for the various job offers available in Germany, new activities should be carried out throughout the year, with German companies traveling to Portugal and participating in international job fairs. All these initiatives will be announced on the website