PRAVI organizes concert with emblematic bands from Faro to raise funds

The Algarve nucleus of the association Project to Support Helpless Victims (PRAVI), which is experiencing financial difficulties, will organize a […]

The Algarve branch of the Support Project for Helpless Victims (PRAVI) association, which is going through financial difficulties, will organize a concert to raise funds and thus reduce its debts with veterinary clinics, in order to continue its mission. 

The solidarity show, which features four emblematic bands from Faro, takes place on March 8, at the Recreational and Cultural Association of Musicians (ARCAM), in Faro.

Punk-Kecas, Mindlock, An-X-Tasy and Crossed Fire are the groups that have joined the initiative, which has the support of ARCAM, Câmara de Faro and several commercial establishments in the city.

The concert is scheduled to start at 21 pm and tickets cost 00 euros. The entire revenue reverts to PRAVI.