Four of the five macaws stolen from the Lagos Zoo recovered, three returned to flight

Four of the five macaws stolen at dawn on December 27 from Lagos Zoo are already back, being […]

Four of the five macaws stolen in the early morning of December 27 from the Lagos Zoo are now back, three of which flew alone to the park.

According to those responsible for the Lagos Zoo, the first macaw was "sighted by a local in the area of ​​Figueira, municipality of Portimão, on the 31st of December".

After the theft was reported, the man contacted the Zoo and the bird was eventually collected. On January 4th, «our team found that it was one of our birds and brought it back to the facility».

Two days ago, two of the stolen macaws returned to the Zoo alone. "They knew how to guide the flight to the group", explains the park.

The fourth recovered macaw returned to the park this afternoon.

It is like this for recovering one of the exotic birds. “The fact that we have publicized this sad event has helped those responsible for the theft to have given up on selling the animals in the contraband market”, stress those responsible for the Lagos Zoo.

“We still hope that the missing macaw can join all the others in our park”, they conclude.