PS/Algarve contests the closure of the Convalescent Unit of the Hospital de Faro

PS Algarve today expressed its surprise at the closing, at the end of August, of the Convalescent Unit […]

PS Algarve today expressed its surprise at the closing, at the end of August, of the Convalescent Unit of the Hospital de Faro, equipped with a capacity of 20 beds.

The Algarvian socialists say that they are only now aware of the closing of the Convalescent Unit, located in the Hospital de Faro since the beginning of 2012, after being displaced from the old hospitalization of the Loulé Health Centre, where it operated since 2007.

The PS emphasizes that «the National Network of Integrated Continued Care (Net), with its different types of health care and social support, emerged as a response to the emerging needs felt in Portuguese society in the face of the repercussions of the growing aging of the population accompanied by alteration of the functional structures of families, usual support for the elderly, as well as the alteration of the profile of pathologies and situations of dependency and fragility».

Therefore, the socialists find it strange that «the Regional Health Administration of the Algarve and the Hospital de Faro have decided to close the Convalescent Unit, thus reducing the Network's inpatient responses and jeopardizing the access of the Algarve to this type of health care, especially since there is no longer any equivalent response in the area of ​​influence. of the Hospital of Faro».

“This fact is all the more surprising if one considers that this type of health care, being of quality, is less expensive than hospitalization”, they add.

PS Algarve considers the closure of the Convalescent Unit of the Hospital de Faro «quite harmful for the populations of most Algarve municipalities (Albufeira, Loulé, Faro, S. Brás de Alportel, Olhão, Tavira, Vila Real de Santo António, Castro Marim and Alcoutim), who face increased difficulties in receiving this type of integrated and multidisciplinary care given the geographical distances of identical responses, and particularly in a moment in their lives marked by an increase in various fragilities.”

The Algarve socialists also say they are surprised “that the Palliative Care Unit, planned for the Hospital de Faro and financed by the Network, has not started operating to date. All the more so since internment in Palliative Care is deficient, in national and regional terms, and because it constitutes an area of ​​health care particularly valued by the CDS-PP, party of the coalition that supports the government».

The PS Algarve claims to know “that the adaptations of the floors of the heliport building for the Convalescent and Palliative Care Units were financed with funds from the Network, specifically and exclusively dedicated to the conversion of units of the National Health Service to these Units”.

Therefore, they have “doubts about the legality and opportunity of closing the Convalescent Unit and delaying the start of operation of the Palliative Care Unit”.

“These measures do not defend the interests of the region, in line with other known decisions taken by regional decision-makers for health policies. Rather, they mean a manifest setback in the provision of quality health care and, as the PS Algarve does not identify and does not condescend to them, it will, with the Office of the Minister of Health, seek the full explanations to which the Algarve and Algarve have the right».