Rogério Pinto is the new president of the Chamber of Silves

Rogério Santos Pinto (PSD), who was until now vice president, was confirmed on Wednesday, the 7th, as president of the City Council […]

Rogério Santos Pinto (PSD), who until now was vice-president, was confirmed on Wednesday, the 7th, as president of the Municipality of Silves, succeeding Isabel Soares, who asked for the suspension of her term because she was elected as managing director of the company Águas do Algarve SA.

Isabel Soares no longer participated in the executive meeting that took place on Wednesday afternoon and lasted for long hours, with Rogério Pinto presenting the request for suspension, until October 14, 2013, of the former mayor's mandate.

The request was approved with two votes from the PSD (Rogério Pinto and Councilor Jorge Guerreiro da Silva) and with the abstention of the opposition councilors, three from the PS (Fernando Serpa, Mário Maximino and Lurdes Cristóvão) and one from the CDU (Rosa da Palm).

The PSD, which governs the Chamber of Silves but does not have a majority, still holds a third place in the council, but at this Wednesday's meeting, no one appeared to take the place left vacant by the departure of Isabel Soares and rise of the remaining Social-Democratic councilors.

Is that, despite, on Monday, in statements to the Sul Informação, Isabel Soares spoke at the entrance of Graça Neto as a new councilor, it appears that the PSD is having a hard time finding whoever wants to take over.

In fact, at the meeting, socialist councilor Fernando Serpa expressed his concern about the "void" left by the departure of the former mayor, without his replacement being guaranteed beforehand. "We wanted to know who will fill the seat vacated by the president, but the new president just said he didn't know and that the name will be presented at the next meeting, which is 15 days from now," Fernando Serpa told Sul Informação.

“We see with great concern that the local PSD has not already secured the place of councilor in place of the outgoing president and does not even know when it will do so. The Chamber of Silves is going through a moment of great decisions and cannot work with just two people», underlined the opposition mayor.

Rogério Pinto, speaking to our newspaper, reassured the opposition: "we are making contacts and soon we will have a name." “The PSD list had other people and it hasn't run out yet. We have people available, who are now being contacted», he guaranteed.

In relation to the situation of the Chamber of Silves, its new president made it a great priority to “honor all our commitments, namely with the Parish Councils, but always acting in accordance with the law».

The fact is that, underlined the new mayor, «the fact that our Budget was approved late, after the entry into force of the so-called Law of Commitments, created a series of constraints for us. But we are working towards freeing up some funds to make what is possible to work”.

In this sense, on Wednesday, at the same Chamber meeting, a second version of the Payment Plan for the municipality's debt to Águas do Algarve was approved. “The Plan had already been sent to the Court of Auditors, which requested clarifications, which were made by the Chamber services in record time. That was on Wednesday at the Chamber meeting, and it will still be sent to the Court of Auditors today [yesterday], so that we can obtain a visa. With that, we will unlock the funds we need to honor our commitments, namely with the Parish Councils».

While the new president Rogério Pinto is having a somewhat troubled beginning of new functions, next Saturday the PS/Silves will meet to take a position on the departure of Isabel Soares from the local Chamber.


Who is Rogério Pinto?

Born in the parish of Sé, in Faro, where he was born on May 29, 1953.

Academic education:
He has a degree in Physical Education.

Professional activity:
He teaches Physical Education in Basic and Secondary Education, having worked at various public and private educational establishments and in various regions of the country.
He began management functions in educational establishments in 1989, when he assumed the position of Secretary of the Installation Commission of the Secondary School of Lagoa, being, later, between 1990 and 1993 Secretary of the Board of Directors of that same school.
He also held positions of pedagogical responsibility, namely Coordinator of School Sports at Escola Secundária de Lagoa and at EB 2, 3 Dr. António da Costa Contreiras, in Armação de Pêra (between 1993 and 1995), as well as the position of Head of Department and President of the Pedagogical Council of this last educational establishment, in 1994.
Between 1997 and 2002 he was elected President of the Armação de Pêra, Alcantarilha and Pêra Schools Group.

Political Activity:
It is an affiliate member of the PSD.

Municipal Activity:
He began his local life in 2002, when the elections were held in which he would be elected permanent councilor for the Municipality of Silves. He began by being responsible for Culture and Sport, having later assumed the vice-presidency of the municipality, having as areas of responsibility areas such as Municipal Works/Direct Administration, Urban Planning and Management, Buildings of the 1st Cycle of Basic Education and Environment Schools.