psd/Faro accused PS of «demagoguery» by demanding advance of the Central Hospital

The PSD/Faro criticized PS/Algarve for having come to the public to demand "in a clearly demagogic way and out of step with reality" to […]

The PSD/Faro criticized the PS/Algarve for having come to the public to demand "in a clearly demagogic way and out of step with reality" the construction of the Hospital Central do Algarve. In a statement, the Farense Social Democrats reveal that they have approved a motion that, on the one hand, praises the investment made by the Government in the Hospital of Faro and, on the other hand, it recognizes “the circumstantial impossibility” of moving towards a new hospital unit.

Despite guaranteeing that they are taking “votes so that the Hospital Central do Algarve remains at the top of the Administration's priorities and that it can learn about its development in the coming years, a unanimous objective of all Algarve populations”, the PSD/ militantsFaro «declared that they recognize that, given the current impossibility of carrying out the construction of a new, more modern and comprehensive Central Hospital, they welcome the recent improvement works of the Hospital de Faro».

«However, this claim of the PSD/Faro with the behavior of the highest responsible of the PS/Algarve, who now come to the terreiro, in a clearly demagogic way, out of step with reality, to claim the work with an indignant outcry. The same ones who, in a favorable economic situation, did nothing more than proceed with successive laying of the first stones of the future Central Hospital of the Algarve, just for voters to see; the same ones who spent $11 billion on public-private partnerships, neglecting important interventions and undermining our ability to carry them out now and in the future,” they stressed.

Accusing the PS/Algarve of acting "for electoral reasons", the Farenses social democrats recommended to the president of that structure "that he does not confuse the interests of the populations with his own political agenda nor come to act Faro stage of more demagoguery, proceeding as if unaware of the scale of the attack perpetrated by the PS on the country's accounts in the last two legislatures and those of numerous local authorities in our country».

The Social Democrats took the opportunity to « recognize the good work that the Government and Administration of the Hospital of Faro have been carrying out”, namely the guarantee that the hospital unit receives “necessary investments that guarantee the recognized excellence of clinical care”.