If fire originated from wind farm work, insurance can help cover damages

If it turns out that the Cachopo fire originated in the works of the Wind Farm, it could be […]

If it proves that the Cachopo fire originated in the works of the Wind Farm, "due indemnifications" could be requested, even because "the insurances" that safeguard this type of economic activity will be activated, revealed Jorge Botelho, mayor of Tavira.

In statements to the Sul Informação, the mayor confirmed the existence of a first report on the causes of the fire, whose conclusions have already been advanced in various media, but prefers to leave this case in the judicial sphere. "Now, let's see if there is any material for the Public Ministry to proceed with an indictment," he limited himself to saying.

The general press also reports a report from a judicial source that the first fire broke out as a result of a smoldering fire that the company's employees were making in a clearing next to an energy transport pole.

Meanwhile, several workers from the CME company, which is building the Cachopo wind farm, were accused of having caused the fire that, in July, destroyed around 26 thousand hectares, in the municipalities of Tavira and São Brás de Alportel, but the company has already said that it has not found any signs of guilt on the part of its employees in an internal inquiry carried out shortly after the fires.

In Cachopo, on the second day of the fire and at a time when the flames were at the door of the mountain village of Tavir, this was already a possibility put forward by many people for the origin of the fire. A suspicion that people repeated to city officials who carried out a survey of the damage on the ground, and that the PJ also shares.

The fire that raged in the municipalities of Tavira and São Brás de Alportel about three weeks ago destroyed dozens of houses and annexes, in addition to having profoundly affected the economic base of Serra do Caldeirão, based on the agro-forestry sector, leaving behind itself a bleak image of destruction.