PS: Request for an independent report on fires in the Algarve creates "instability" in Civil Protection

The deputy to the Assembly of the Republic of PS Miguel Freitas considered this Monday that the decision of the Government to ask […]

The deputy to the Assembly of the Republic of the PS Miguel Freitas considered this Monday that the Government's decision to ask for an independent assessment of the forest fires that ravaged the interior of the Algarve in July, after there is already a report produced by the National Civil Protection Authority (ANPC) created "instability" in the latter, at a time when "a calm command structure" was needed.  

Miguel Freitas assured, in statements to the Sul Informação, which the socialists "alarmed from the outset, to the need to incorporate independent technical and scientific skills", a path that the Government chose not to follow at the time, doing it now, but at the expense of "the political stability" of the Civil Protection summit.

The parliamentarian elected by the Algarve circle considered that minister Miguel Macedo "wrong" in not having asked for an independent assessment right from the start and that he made the mistake even more serious by doing so now.

Taking into account this request for a new report to an independent entity, the PS has already requested “on the one hand, the sending of the first report and, on the other, the presence of the minister in the Assembly of the Republic”.

“The minister came to agree with all those who criticized the request for a report to the ANPC. These kinds of things cannot be done randomly. Large fires, such as those in Tavira and São Brás de Alportel, and fires with victims must be evaluated by specialists in independent forest fires», defended Miguel Freitas.