LagoaSocial Card holders enter Fatacil for free

This year, holders of the “LagoaSocial card” will once again have access to Fatacil, free of charge and without restrictions, through […]

This year, holders of the “LagoaSocial card” will have access to Fatacil again, free of charge and without restrictions, upon presentation of the respective card, announced the Câmara de Lagoa. Fatacil opens tomorrow, the 17th of August, and runs until the 26th.

LagoaSocial Card is a social response of the Municipality, which aims to provide benefits to all citizens in situations of greater social vulnerability due to old age, illness, disability, reduced mobility or isolation.

"Given the current socio-economic framework, there is an urgent need to develop mechanisms that promote the accessibility of all goods and services, regardless of their age, health condition or economic situation", stresses the municipality.

For this reason, «considering that there is another edition of FATACIL, Fair of Crafts, Tourism, Agriculture, Commerce and Industry of Lagoa, which is one of the most important general events and one of the largest fairs in Portugal – taking place between the days of August 17 and 26 and whose entry has inherent costs - and understanding that the acquisition of a ticket to access the venue is not accessible to some residents, due to financial shortages", the municipality once again opens the doors of the event to holders of that card .