Macário Correia described what he considered "banalities" behind the process that may cost him the municipal mandate

Macário Correia decided to go public clarify exactly what he is accused of, due to the «insistence with which they ask me to […]

Macário Correia decided to go public with the clarification of exactly what he is accused of, due to the "insistence with which they ask me to disclose what is actually happening, given that the case seems strange to them". In a note sent to the press by the Chamber of Faro the president of the municipality of Farense, who only a few days ago saw the sentence of loss of municipal mandate confirmed by the Supreme Administrative Court (STA), speaks of "banalities", whose media "bang" guaranteed to be causing "astonishment" to many people who approach you. 

At a time when he already appealed to the Constitutional Court against the decision of the STA plenary, which rejected the appeal filed by the Farense mayor in relation to the decision of this court, Macário Correia recalled how the process had gone so far. «The Administrative and Tax Court of the Algarve and the Central Administrative Court considered what I am accused of unfounded. The Supreme Administrative Court issued a contrary opinion», he revealed.

The accusations are, according to the mayor, the fact that he allowed: «that a stable and a warehouse were subject to works and could be inhabited by their owners, that two families could build their swimming pools attached to licensed houses and in a space waterproofed, without any other use; the construction of two houses for young couples to live in, under the weighty reasons provided for in the Law and in particular in the regime of compatible uses and actions of the Ecological Reserve; that the owner of a piece of land and two urban articles rebuilt these buildings for housing two couples, who transferred one of the dwellings to his daughter's property, where she resides; and the approval of a project for installations for a nest of young companies, but which, due to the promoters' difficulties, never even took place. Such as an adaptation of a rural house for tourism demolishing an irrigation tank. But the investment was not made either», reads the statement.

“As can be seen, it is astonishing that these banalities are the actual substance of the rumbling of news about me. Two of the cases did not pass the paper. It is a pity that they did not materialize. They created jobs. In the rest, they are small administrative acts in support of families with few resources and within the framework of the law, as some judges have already considered”, he justified.

Macário Correia took the opportunity to criticize "the most diverse nonsense" that he considered to have been published by the media, namely the announcement that he had approved "800 houses in the Agricultural Reserve", "a large luxury development in the Ecological Reserve" or the accusations that the mayor is suspected of 74 crimes in the Chamber of Faro, "among other monstrous lies and slanders."