A long time has passed since I left my first (and last) chronicle here, but the […]

A long time has passed since I left my first (and last) chronicle here on this site, but the moment has arrived again when a young person from Portimão has to make himself heard about multiple aspects that, this summer, have made him impertinent.

To begin with, a word of praise to the organizers of the Festival da Sardine 2012 for the following reasons: the relocation of the event to the Fairs and Exhibitions Park (from where, in my opinion, it should never have left) and the placement of the main stage well to point to the Parchal, allowing me, when the wind is good, to hear all the spectacles from my room, two miles away.

I also praise the graphic change that emerged this year: less sardines in 'cartoon' and more heritage and identity from Portimo. Personally, I think that the analogy that was created between the railway bridge and the sardine is very well achieved.

This year's line-up has also improved substantially: on three different stages, not only traditional singers visit us, but artists from the field of humor, jazz, fado, among others, showing here an effort to make the event attractive to all types of audiences.

However, I can't help but express my disgusted opinion on some aspects. The ticket price (€5,00) does not seem to me to be adequate for the economic phase that this region is going through and, on the other hand, it is still a strong reason to stay at home or look for cheaper alternatives.

Anyone who could go to the festival for two or three days will go only one. I don't think the price has changed from last year; there's no doubt that this year is worth a lot more, but it's still a thousand escudos in the old coin! And this criticism applies equally to the organizers of FATACIL 2012!

Now I point the finger at those responsible for my club, Portimonense. In the past chronicle, I complained that the citizens of Portimão were too far removed from their hometown club. But I have been led, given some policies that this Directorate, chaired by Fernando Rocha, has taken, to agree with all these citizens or, at least, to legitimize their behavior.

It was a joyful surprise to know that, despite having ranked last in the Liga Orangina, last season, Portimonense did not drop out of division, or rather, was picked up to play in the Second League (season nomenclature 2012/2013) by default Varzim's financial

I have no shame in assuming that the position of Mr. President Fernando Rocha will have been central in this recap (he will have always believed in this outcome and even resorted to lawyers specialized in sports justice).

But, after having said, in Assembly Magna, that the main (not to say the only) source of guaranteed revenue for Portimonense was the revenue from associations, it seems to me that it is doing precisely the opposite to ensure and increase this same source. of revenue.

Now, if it is necessary to keep the (scarce!) members that the club (still!) has, why not adjust the membership fee?

I remind dear readers that the values ​​practiced in this season that is now beginning are precisely the same as those practiced when Portimonense was a member of the Zon Sagres League.

Some of the following ideas could easily get around this situation and leave, with equal or more revenue from fees or box office, the stands at the Estádio Municipal de Portimão more full.

A membership kit (a consistent, streamlined, and priced version of what the club now has); family tickets (for a single game or for the whole season) and adapting the value of the captive seats also to the type of member (for example, Leixões has a captive seat price of €30,00 for minors or students; in Portimão, whoever it is, the value is always €90,00) and special promotions for women.

And as if all these factors did not sufficiently distance the people of Portimão from their club, it seems that the Board has come up with another measure this season: the members, in addition to the paid dues necessary to watch the games, still have to pay €2,00 to pick up the respective ticket.

Bearing in mind that there will be 21 home games this season, a member who wants to watch all of them will have to pay an extra €42,00! I can only find one adjective that fits to describe this measure: shameful!

A member who has a captive place in the central bench pays €60,00 of the annual fee; €90,00 for the captive seat and now €42,00 for the tickets, making a total of €192,00 in one season!

But what a shot in the foot this Directorate has just taken!

Welcome to Portimonense Sporting Clube, a second-rate club, which has third-rate fans, which offers first-rate prices, but which is managed in an amateur way!