HPP opens a new Hospital in Albufeira that will be a reference for residents and visitors

The Private Hospitals of Portugal Group (HPP) opened a new hospital unit in Albufeira last August 2nd. […]

The Private Hospitals of Portugal Group (HPP) opened a new hospital unit in Albufeira last August 2nd.

Albufeira Hospital will be officially inaugurated on the 20th of this month, but it is already operating at 100%, with features that did not yet exist in what is considered the Algarve's tourism capital, such as operating room, internment and permanent medical care 24 hours, in addition to the consultations of the various specialties.

Departments that were tested early on, namely the Operating Room, which, in the first hours of operation of the hospital, received surgery. The director of the HPP Group in Algarve Paulo Neves was «the first customer of the Operating Room», after having suffered from a stress hernia on the day the unit was opened and when he was preparing to open it.

“I must have made some effort and an inguinal hernia ended up coming out. As I was already at the hospital, I was operated on there. Basically, what I really inaugurated was the Operating Room», said Paulo Neves, to Sul Informação.

A situation that served to prove that the Hospital took off at 100 percent, “although that was not the intention”. At the moment, the Hospital de Albufeira is fully working and has already treated more than 500 people in just 11 days. "And the communication campaign will only start after the official inauguration", which was saved for the day in Albufeira, August 20, stressed the administrator of HPP Algarve.

The new hospital unit has already created 70 jobs and may create more, exceeding 20 employees in the future. «We can still, in a few months, grow on another floor, which is already built, but it will still have to be equipped. But more detailed information will be given later», promised Paulo Neves. As a matter of fact, only on the XNUMXth the details that differentiate this new Hospital will be disclosed in detail, as well as the investment made in it.

But it is already public that the Hospital de Albufeira has 27 medical-surgical beds, 12 consultation rooms, three operating rooms and an outpatient surgery unit. It will also have care from general medicine and various specialties, including Ophthalmology, Orthopedics, Cardiology, Pediatrics, Rheumatology and 24-hour Permanent Care.

«We are convinced that the tourism capital of the Algarve deserves to have a hospital and the image of the region also needs this offer, which is so important for the qualification and safety of the families who visit us, in addition to the resident population, as there is no other hospital offer. in the same area of ​​influence», considered Paulo Neves.

A need that the numbers seem to attest to, since, despite having been operated on the day the Hospital opened, Paulo Neves was not in time to be the first client, since «two people had already entered for the hospitalization of dawn'.

The strong demand right from the start seems to confirm the reasons that led HPP to make this investment in Albufeira. «The area of ​​influence is obvious due to the lack of alternative supply between Lagoa and Vilamoura to Baixo Alentejo, both for those who live in this sub-area and for those who visit us, whether Portuguese or foreigners», he considered.

"It is difficult to always make this type of options and investments in times of crisis, but taking this into account we think that the need is evident and the size is adequate considering the evolution plans that the infrastructure also allows", he justified. "Essentially, we wanted to signal that, at a time of crisis, we are available to foster employment, the economy and the provision of quality healthcare," he summed up.