Left Block proposes vote of no confidence to Macário Correia in the Municipal Assembly of Faro

The Left Block will propose, at the Municipal Assembly of Faro, a vote of no confidence to President Macário Correia, after […]

The Left Block will propose, at the Municipal Assembly of Faro, a vote of no confidence to President Macário Correia, after the Supreme Administrative Court has confirmed the loss of mandate of the PSD mayor.

In a statement, the Council Coordinating Committee of the Left Block of Faro reaffirms that "strict respect for the legality expressed in Municipal Master Plans, in Regional Land Use Plans, in National Agricultural and Ecological Reserves is essential to preserve territorial planning and to defend irreplaceable public goods such as agricultural land and values environmental conditions'.

The blockists also consider that «despite the facts that gave rise to the sentence did not take place in the Municipality of Faro, the judgment of the STA confirms the need for effective democratic oversight of the performance of municipal executives by the Municipal Assembly».

BE says that «the current practice of President Macário Correia, with the implicit support of the Socialist Party bench and the President of the Municipal Assembly, Luís Coelho, has made this task of inspection and control by those elected in the Municipal Assembly difficult. Faro».

“Increasing the oversight power of the Municipal Assemblies should be the meaning of any legislative change to the powers of Organs municipal bodies”, the Farense Blocists also point out.

The Left Bloc also emphasizes “that the confirmation of the STA sentence politically weakens the Mayor of Faro and damages the municipality's credibility"

These reasons, in BE's opinion, justify Macário's suspending “his mandate until the sentence passes through the Constitutional Court, in order to maintain the credibility of the municipal executive”.

BE also emphasizes that, "if President Macário Correia chooses not to suspend his mandate, this should be taken into account by all political forces that make up the Municipal Assembly, so we will propose that it manifest itself through a vote of distrust in the maintenance of Macário Correia in the current position of Mayor of Faro».

The blocists end up saying that «the discussion and voting of this vote of breach of trust by the Municipal Assembly will be a process of strengthening its democratic practice and will demand from all elected representatives the public assumption of their political responsibilities».