LPN also complains to the European Commission due to construction in Lagoa dos Salgados

The League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) will also file a complaint with the European Commission due to approval […]

The League for the Protection of Nature (LPN) will also file a complaint with the European Commission regarding the approval of the construction of a development near Praia Grande and Lagoa dos Salgados, in Silves. Alexandra Cunha, president of the national board of LPN, told the Sul Informação that the association that runs will follow the example of the association Almargem and file a complaint with the European Union.

The Chamber of Silves and Finalgarve, the company that will promote the project, signed an urbanization plan for the project a little over a week ago. Big beach, which provides for the construction of 4 thousand tourist beds and a golf course.

The Algarve branch of LPN reacted to the signing of this contract with a statement, in which it considered that "the green light has been given for another assault on the Algarve coast".

«From the outset, it is shocking how, in a perfectly indecorous way, this extraordinary and bacoque concept of “urbanising” a beach is assumed (certainly with the “very typical” palm trees). Is the crisis synonymous with savagery, and with abdicating all evolution in terms of preserving the values ​​and natural resources that are fundamental to the balance of our ecosystems?”, asks the environmental association.

«The Algarve, not satisfied with the “development” model that led it to the impressive and degrading record of the national region with the most unemployed (although, adding up all the jobs promised by the numerous developments, the Algarve has a labor shortage – strange, isn't it?) and greater asymmetries between the interior and the coast, he continues to dream of the implementation of more hotel units, economically sterile by the model they assume (except for the real estate groups responsible for real estate speculation around them) and social and environmentally offensive”, considered LPN/Algarve.

The association recalled the National Strategy for the Integrated Management of the Coastal Zone which warns of the dangers of the urbanization of coastal strips and the Water Framework Directive which «is also not favorable to the occupation of coastal zones, due to issues of environmental health and risk for people and goods'.

These were, moreover, reasons that led the association Almargem to file a complaint with the European Commission, following the signing of the contract.

And it is not just the environmental associations that are rising up against this investment. «The negative repercussions on public opinion in the outbound markets, which this undertaking intends to achieve, did not wait and are already running. petitions in English and promoted by foreign citizens to prevent the destruction of the neighboring Lagoa dos Salgados, which, outside, is seen as a “sanctuary”», guaranteed the association..

For LPN, trying to hide the environmental issue «speaking of millions associated with real estate transactions, at a time when this market is stagnant and in regression (as shown by neighboring Spain and the situation in Portugal), is to try to throw dust in their eyes. still dreamers of the development of concrete mixers».

«Furthermore, the publicity surrounding this project, as a generator of about 1.500 jobs for the municipality, and more taxes in IMI and IMT, cannot be further from the truth, it is enough to analyze similar situations of other projects, geographically close (Amendoeira Golfe), where hectares of arable land (including land with a class A capacity to use) were transformed into a small village of tourist houses that were never sold, and there are no longer used», recalled the association.

LPN guaranteed that it will be attentive to developments in the process, «namely the compliance with legal regulations, already requiring CCDR Algarve to clarify the framework of this undertaking and the status of its licensing process».

Alexandra Cunha told the Sul Informação that “we, at LPN, were still digesting the new posture of the CCDRA, whose president considered, in a recent interview, that there is more atmosphere when this new mega-enterprise was announced, which confirms the government's new posture and its lack of vision and sensitivity».


Read here in full the press release from LPN Algarve